Thursday, 24 July 2014

Maxi formal & bridesmaid dresses styles you can get online

Maxi dresses for formal evening? Yes, and also you can wear these dresses for weddings.

Cate Blanchett green maxi dress

Cate Blanchett attending the 19th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards wore a head-to-toe Lanvin Pre- 2014 look consisting of a bottle green long stretch crêpe short-sleeve dress kept contemporary with a wide black leather belt with crystal detailing, which she styled with black suede sandals with lacquer stiletto heels and a black Roger Vivier ‘Cerniera’ clutch.
To some, this may come off as just a t-shirt maxi dress, but thanks to the styling, the hypnotic colour against her pale skin, those sleek blonde locks, and the orange lip, this is yet another stunning look from Cate.
So can you wear this maxi dress for your best friend's wedding? Yes, you can.
Change the crystal detailing belt to simple sash.
Have a look at our selection for you below:
purple maxi formal dress
purple maxi formal dress
blue maxi formal dress
Shop practical formal maxi dresses for formal occasions and weddings. Match suitable shoes, accessories then you can wear one dress again and again.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sparkle bridesmaid dresses trend

Jessica Simpson sparkle bridesmaid dresses trend you should know now!
Individuality was key for Jessica Simpson when it came to outfitting her 12 bridesmaids and two maids of honor for herJuly 5 wedding to Eric Johnson. Instead of going the matchy-matchy route, each person walked down the aisle in a designer dress that was as unique as the wearer herself.
“Not every girl is the same shape, not every girl is the same size, not every girl is the same personality,” Simpson says in a behind-the-scenes video on “Of course as a bride we always want to feel the most beautiful we’ve ever felt, but I think the support system of everybody else feeling the best is what makes you feel the best.”
Simpson’s friend and stylist (and bridesmaid) Nicole Chavez dressed everyone for the big day. The bridesmaids and maids of honor wore pieces from designers like MarchesaJason Wu,Temperley, and Carolina Herrera. The new Mrs. Johnson didn’t specify a theme for the dresses except that she wanted them to look ethereal with some sparkle. And the result was, of course, amazing.
Ok, so what's your minds about sparkle bridesmaid dresses? Will non-traditional simple elegant bridesmaid dresses scare you? Or will you like your bridesmaids be shining with you on your big day?
If so, here are some styles for sparking bridesmaid dresses for you. These sparkle dresses can be wear for a formal evening and wedding, practical bridesmaids dresses for perfect wedding, do you like?
Or still want classical simple elegant chiffon bridesmaid dresses or long bridesmaid dresses, plz visit us online for more choice, you will find the one you want.
dressesmallau sparkle formal pink bridesmaid dress
dressesmallau sparkle formal cream bridesmaid dress
dressesmallau sparkle formal blue bridesmaid dress
dressesmallau sparkle formal navy blue bridesmaid dress
dressesmallau sparkle formal pink bridesmaid dress
dressesmallau sparkle formal silver bridesmaid dress
dressesmallau sparkle formal red bridesmaid dress

Monday, 7 July 2014

Mason jar wedding you can have

Tiny Mason jar, jagged hanging in the air, the wind and the issuing crisp sound, is simply a small fresh wedding must-haves, at night, lit candles, flickering slightly candlelight, so that’s enough for a romantic wedding for you! mason jar wedding1mason jar wedding2
Mason jar jagged hanging in the air, sometimes lit candle at night, the jar becomes the wedding route guide, background, table flowers or reception table protagonist which lets the wedding get fresh. It can be used in a variety of different themed weddings (especially retro, natural series, and romantic outdoor wedding), aesthetic inspiration suddenly capture your heart.
mason jar wedding
Perspective jars hanging in the air reflects the different gloss, the wedding becomes a dream. mason jar wedding3 Mason jar shining in the night, candlelight has become particularly fresh and romantic, light becomes more magnificent hazy daytime in the sun refracted. When the moment Mason jar lights up, the wedding enters the climax, the couple and the guests toast carnival, share happiness and sweet. mason jar wedding4Jagged Mason jars is a unique kind of wind chimes on the wedding, they are shining the light emitting pleasant note, clasp lover’s name, makes a most solemn promise, this scene on the wedding will never fade in mind. Related source: Mason jar wedding ideas

Friday, 4 July 2014

Top 6 useful and practical bridesmaid dresses shopping tips

When you doing the selection of bridesmaid dresses for partners, when everyone's views are not necessarily the same, how to choose a unified style bridesmaid dresses to make all feel pretty confident and very satisfied with it? Do not worry and here we give you super-smart tips to buy bridesmaid dresses so that you and your girlfriends no longer need to worry about the bridesmaid dresses.
Photo source: green bridesmaid dresses from

1. Do research together.
If the bridesmaid dress’ color, style and fabric have been conceived, then you probably decided what kind of bridesmaid dress you will choose for your bridesmaids. Even so, there are ways to make everyone involved in the process of dress selection, to ensure everyone even wear the same style bridesmaid dress but also are neat. Assigning tasks to girlfriends and let them collect their favorite dress style pictures from magazines, or send the online dress style links to you. Then, arrange a bridesmaid dress shopping and go to a dress shop to try a variety of styles to decide what kind of dress wear on the body best.
Note: If your girlfriends’ shapes and sizes are different, very different, do not insist that all buy the same dress unless you buy a dress for everyone by your own money.
2. Select a dress which can be modified.
Choose a super versatile, can be worn at any time dress and it is better to choose the kind of tape that can be used to create a variety of styles. Fabric can be curled, tape can be lined up, you can create the dress to be a sexy strapless or backless or one shoulder style, even elegant deep v neck dress. Go to a bridesmaid dresses shop where you can choose different colors and lengths, choose a dress that can twist wrap in a variety of ways. In this case, you free to pick a favorite style dress to fit your own body shape, and you will eventually only make sure everyone is wearing the same color and texture bridesmaid dress.
Note: Let your bridesmaids pay attention to this flexible learning tutorials about twist wrap, or you will be busy helping them line dress straps but have no time care about the details of the big day.
3. Provide a variety of colors to choose.
After selecting bridesmaid dresses, you may be horrified to find that champagne is consistent with your wedding dress color, and it’s really brilliant wearing on the skin color of wheat bridesmaids, but pale wearing some other bridesmaids. To make everyone look more gratifying, you can define the fabric and style, and give the right to bridesmaids themselves to choose the right color. After they have chosen the colors of bridesmaid dress, purchase all the same colors flowers to make bouquet to unite colors to achieve a harmonious effect with the overall tone of the wedding. Because you have to choose a bridesmaid dress style for your bridesmaids, smart bride will choose a princess silhouette, this style is suitable for almost all of the body. Let your bridesmaids wear the same style, jewelry color and material bridesmaid dresses, dazzling and colorful as a rainbow, is a very popular trend of bridesmaid dress now.
Note: If you have a good decision for the bridesmaid dress style, pay attention to remind your bridesmaids to buy lingerie which is suitable for their body. Some people’s ass seems will be larger than actually wearing underwear, while the right lingerie will bring out everyone's charming figure. A Spanx shaping underwear can help most people to create a magical effect, so that the bridesmaids can feel good wearing a bridesmaid dress, looks lovely.
4. Open your minds, think about the accessories.
While selecting dresses for the bridesmaids, try to pick some styles that can wear at other occasions, and pick up some styles can mix together. Long dress with cashmere blouse has a bohemian style, ideal for weddings held in the winter. And in the summer you can choose the colorful dress with a white shirt, looks cute and lively. Customized suits can not only suitable for dating occasion, but also more suitable for urban-style wedding, it’s popular whether how you wear.
Note: It’s more expensive to buy a set of clothing than separately purchase a bridesmaid dress, so it is important about the place to buy clothes, in addition, if the bridesmaids bear the costs by their own, then you have to ask the budget and the bottom line, then decide what brand dress to buy.
5. First choose tight dress.
Forget diamonds, little tight dress is woman's best friend. Yes, it’s the little tight dress. An elegant little tight dress is not only very thin, elegant and stylish, but also is suitable for any figure. Want to see a tight dress at the wedding, then you have to do more effort to the accessories. If it is winter, so that you can put on a bold bright color wrap, if it is summer, you can use unified bridesmaid bouquets to get consistent results. Do not forget that shoes should be tidy, pick pink decorative black bow heels or decorative crystal and silver sequined high heels, can attract everyone’s eyes.
Note: Accessories should not be exaggerated and fanciful grandstanding dress at a wedding is also not very good. If the length of the bridesmaid dress is above the knee, then everyone's socks color should be uniform, or if it’s hot, then it’s better to do not wear stockings but expose healthy legs.
6. Let go of it, give the right to your bridesmaids.
You have a lot of things to arrange on your schedule, it might be the right choice to let go of it and give all the rights to your bridesmaids to choose their own bridesmaid dresses. Let them wear their own clothes, everyone will feel very comfortable. Many big chain dress shops have a variety of styles, sizes and colors for bridesmaids to choose bridesmaid dresses, so why not let them dress up themselves happily? So you can pay more attention to consider other things which are more important and cannot be ignored to the wedding, or look on your list to see what matters unfinished.

Note: Keep in mind to recommend your bridesmaids some suggestions about "do not appear" to avoid some "surprise" makes you frightened. For example, you cannot wear exaggerated Polka dot printed dress or white dress. Though you and your bridesmaids are the best friends, you can’t hope your bridesmaids to be your stomach budworm that they will clear all of your ideas, the communication is very important and necessary. In addition, before they pay an order, you better have a look at the bridesmaid dress, once you have no question then pay for the dress at least.

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