Monday, 27 April 2015

Spring and summer water color bridesmaid dresses

When the bride wore a white wedding dress, bridesmaids wore water color bridesmaid dresses. Neither too eye-catching, it is also add a touch of soft color, it is played the role of the perfect foil. In the spring and summer romantic atmosphere, if you as bridesmaid are going to accompany your girlfriends, sisters debut on the wedding, but you are worried about the bridesmaid hair style, so the light water color, it maybe your good helper which you have looking for it long times.
1, Bridesmaid dress design need simple than the bride dress. Dress style is range between evening dresses and casual dresses, do not choose a long floor length style, it is too grand, you can focus the small dress.
2, The dress need to low-key and dignified, not too exposed, otherwise it will grab the bride's thunder, it will makes the presence of elders unhappy.
3, To avoid clothing too formal or too casual, you can add some fashion elements in the details.

If you are wearing a lace with fashion suit jacket, coat with a different type of small straps, bright colors with beads and multicolored stitching, sexy Bra can be ok.
Photo credit: long one shoulder bridesmaid dress
4, Bridesmaid dress is not need too short, so as to avoid outdoor activities when exposing yourself, do not tally with the situation.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Do you like those special color bridesmaid dresses?

If you are a bride-to-be, i think that you need to buy bridesmaid dresses for your sister, but some women don't know how to choose the bridesmaid dresses? Do you want your bridesmaids more beautiful? Today we will commendations some colors bridesmaid dresses for you?
Special color bridesmaid dresses:
Rainbow-colored mix match is really creative, it looks more good! It is very suitable for fairy tale style wedding.

Different shades of color ride together in harmony and in particular!
Lovely pale pink is girlish and innocence!
The light gray color is chic and elegant, it is more suitable for light mature bridesmaids group!
Pure sapphire color is full of noble temperament.
Warmth red color looks very good!
Elegant pale green long bridesmaid is like the breeze, it make people feel very comfortable.
Warm goose yellow color is very eye-catching and brightly.
Purple long bridesmaid is full of noble temperament with a little mystery.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Match the color of the bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns

We all know that the bride's dress are generally white color, but bridesmaid dress color is more enriched. From delicate pink to fresh green, from pure blue to elegant purple, these colorful bridesmaid dresses will be able to become the most beautiful landscape on the wedding.

Pink tone is represents lovely, romantic, delicate, which is the most popular bridesmaid dress colors favored by bridesmaids, whether strapless or double shoulder, whether long or short, the unity color is always shows bridesmaids sweet, but also it is highlight wedding's sweet atmosphere. On the green grassland, pink bridesmaids like a blossoming flower, blooming happily and gently, it adds sweet and gentle for the bride's wedding.
Knee length grass green bridesmaid dresses
Green tone gives a fresh and quiet feelings which is very suitable for summer outdoor wedding, this fresh color can bring a fresh and cool feelings. In the hot summer, on the trees, shade, the bridesmaids were warmly guard beside the bride, it is reflecting the pure friendship for girlfriends, it will get warmth and joy for weddings.
 blue bridesmaid dresses
Blue tone is also very high color photographed on the wedding, especially it is suitable for a romantic beach wedding which is holding in the summer. Bridesmaid dresses with blue sky and the sea echo each other, it is bring refreshing for the summer wedding. Pure color is clean and simple to show a woman's soft perfectly to add clear and pure for the wedding.

Elegant lavender is generous without publicity, contrast with the bride's white wedding dress, it is better bring out the beauty of bride's pure white wedding dress, it is just fit the role of "Best Supporting Actress" bridesmaid at the wedding. The short light purple bridesmaid dress is more able to highlight bridesmaids playful and cute to become a beautiful landscape on the wedding.

In the wedding, the bride is the center attention of all people, if the bridesmaids and bride's dress with vivid, then the entire wedding has become a beautiful landscape.