Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The friendship between bride and her bridesmaid group

There is a group of people who accompany with you through the young, accompany with you spend the most beautiful life time. They are laughing and crying along with you, full of hope for the future together and another is full of yearning. They are agreed well with you, who will get married first, others must be together to be a bridesmaid. Finally, the day is coming, they were moved no less than you. Let the time frames, record the most deepest feelings. In the face of people who are accompany with you to crazy, you finally have the chance to say that it is the most beautiful group.

who can so laid back with you?
Grovel at your "good graces", in addition to your husband(and us)
If you want to be bride for other, let us indulge it again.
When your white gauze drag ground, my skirt to match with you, yes or not?

Your are my strong backing and a safe haven in my life time

Monday, 17 November 2014

Let wedding dress show your perfect figure

If you have a perfect figure, it has concave and convex like Kim Kardashian, then on the wedding dresses selection, you should expose your mermaid-like figure to the extreme, let your other half think that he is the most fortunate men in the world!
Hayley Paige

Champagne satin wedding dress is give us a luxurious texture, strapless wedding dress can also show your charming collarbone.

Deep V neckline make you a good figure be vividly portrayed, in contrast, lace fabric is filled with a deep sense of feminine flavor, plus an eye-catching belt which is give you an hourglass figure do visual cut.

The classic heart-shaped collar is look so elegant, lace pattern wrap decoration give us the unusual temperament.
Patricia Avenda

If you want to go a little drama wind, this oversize fishtail wedding dress is definitely fit for you, deep-V design is waiting for you to put on sexy goddess arrived.
Lusan Mandongus

Strap collar without undue to show the body, long flowing gauze skirt let you go to have a little princess to wear long into the early temperament.
Juana Martin

Like to play fashion bride is definitely a big fan for this wedding dress, it is no complicated lace rhinestone floral decoration but only has simple satin, even if it is cover tightly but also full of Queen Fan.
Dennis Basso

Gorgeous diamond studded the jacket, a strong luxury sense is hit!
Amanda Wyatt

Attention to the detail! Fine diamond inlay between oblique dress chest and cross section, in the opposite direction can let more hourglass figure of a girl do a narrow on the vision is too full.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The most five popular bridesmaid dress color in current

As a second focus on the wedding, how does the bridesmaid dress up more creative? Traditional no color bridesmaid dress is no longer attractive to people eyes, then try the bright colored bridesmaid dress for the wedding, it can add a new romantic expression.

Rose Red - warm and romantic feeling

For bridesmaids: Dignified and graceful type bridesmaids
Warm and romantic red rose with either satin or chiffon fabric can exhibit the best state, the noble satin and gentle chiffon are suitable for wedding occasions.

Collocations Recommend: If the bride's wedding dress has a little red rose embellishment, this style bridesmaid dress is the best choice. If you think this rose red is too bright, you can also choose the white dress, in part, such as belts, woven flowers, etc. were dotted with red rose.

Yellow - high-profile and elegant feeling

For bridesmaids: fair skin type bridesmaids
Bright yellow can attract a lot of attention, especially in this high-brightness satin dress even more dazzling. At the wedding, you should note that the area with its yellow brightness and vividness should be inversely proportional. The yellow dress should be avoid covered a large area, otherwise it will become heavy and old-fashioned, knee length is the best choice. Accessories with high brightness will play a better result.

Collocations Recommend: The unique sense of bright yellow would be too eye-catching in the wedding, the suitable as bridesmaid dresses in pale yellow, pure, clean as a principle. You can also consider the color of the bridal dress, bridal gown color is white or yellow lines with the most appropriate.

Green - a sense of affinity and elegant

For bridesmaids: grace and elegance type bridesmaids
Green is undoubtedly the best endorsement of spring, its fresh, elegant tone is also very suitable as a dress color. The light pale green is used for more extensive, but also it is very suitable for large area applications. Wide straps, strapless or halter high collar dress can make green play its ultimate effect, elegant and yet sexy.

Collocations Recommend: The apple green, mint green are the best choice for the bridesmaid dresses, it is fresh and elegant but not loose the sense of lively. The fabric with satin or chiffon can add a sense of luxury. At the same time, you can choose a soft pearl ornaments or small area sequins, to make green bridesmaid dresses more pure, fresh, quietly elegant and gorgeous.

Blue - clean and pure feeling

For bridesmaids: unassuming and steady type bridesmaids
Blue is also a popular bridesmaid dress color in this season, to wear the pure clean blue color is a good choice. When you choose the style, it is best to find short style. The blue prone to heaviness, so when you choose the colors and fabrics to give priority to with light blue, the chiffon and silk fabrics is best choice. The blue plaid dress is a good choice, but you need to consider the bridhtness for the plaid fabirc when you choose the plaid dress, otherwise it will be make the people feel less solemn.

Collocations Recommend: If a large area use of blue can produce a deep feeling, in a white dress with a lively sense of accessories will increase the dash, or with some dazzling elements in the details, it can play an unexpected effect.

Mood Pink - romantic and pretty feeling

For bridesmaids: lovely type bridesmaids
The pink has always been synonymous with romance, it is an integral part of the dress color. But it is also a relative risk of color, if the dress is pretty which an bring a sense of control over their vividness, so the shades are very important. Instead of spending to the best of care in selecting safer pink, it is better to choose a flower or plaid, pink dress, it is not only look pretty but more fashionable. Even though you cost the money to buy, it is also a good deal, follow this floral pop style, you can wear to go shopping trip or travel.

Collocations Recommend: The complicated color can take the bride light, so when you choose, you can avoid to select the dark or heavy jewelry, pearl jewelry, crystal and other lightweight feeling jewelry is a good choice.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bridesmaid dresses, can i buy it for my girls?

To purchase bridesmaid dress is almost always becomes a focal point in the process of wedding planning. The bridesmaid dresses can be costly. And while let your bridesmaids choose the fashionable shape and fabric of her dress. The bride is always responsible for the wardrobe of the bridesmaids. The dress you like is too expensive for some bridesmaid or styles they want does not match your vision. There is always a compromise. But do you want to buy generous dresses for your girls? Our experts weigh label on this sweet gesture.

Dresses in the image are available on Dressesmallau.com!
My marriage will be take place soon. And three of my closest friends will be as the bridesmaids. Two of my friends are wealthy, while it is not. I would buy the bridesmaid dresses for them, but is it inappropriate? 

Of course, it is not useless! You know the financial situations of the bridesmaids. If you are able and want to buy all the dresses (instead of buy the dress for one that can not afford it), it's a very nice gesture. But do not forget that you can buy the dress with cheap price online: http://www.dressesmallau.com/bridesmaid-dresses-c135/

Make sure when you're pull out your credit card, let them know that this is a gift rather than saying something like "I have". On a more cynical point of view, so if you buy the dress as a gift, you should choose the right style for them. You need to consider their feelings, and we're sure that they'll be very grateful for your generosity.