Sunday, 24 November 2013

Benefit of winter wedding

The end of the year means the beginning of winter, for the wedding industry, it is an off-peak season of a year. New couple maintains that winter is so cold that it will bring some bad effect on the wedding. It is also a test to the bride’s physique, which has no ground for blame if the wedding is held outdoor. But if it is an indoor wedding, the bad effect of low temperature is very little. And the snow and flower, ice and sun, adds a natural romantic and fairy tale to the bride. In a word, there are many benefits you can get from a winter wedding.

1. Various and economical selections
Compared with the peak season, the tagged price of the hotel will usually drop by 10%-20% in November and December, especially the October. If one dinner table can come down 120 dollars, you can save 2400 dollars for a 20 dinner tables wedding. If you are a good planner, you can book a hotel one year ahead, when there are more hotels for you to choose. Thus, you can avoid the embarrassed and tense situation of embracing Buddha's feet and pray for help in time of emergency.
2. Stagger the time and you have more friends attending the wedding
October is a good time for wedding, so people gather holding wedding. When you receive a wedding invitation, you may find that too good friends have their wedding held on the same day. You face an awkward dilemma and do not know whose wedding should go to. At last, you are busier than the bride and groom. Why not try to hold a simple wedding in winter? Thus your friends and relatives can join in your wedding.
3. More holidays in winter adds happiness to your wedding
At the end of the year, Thanks-giving day and Christmas Day follows on the neck of another. In addition, the meaning of the end and the beginning of one year is special. Bride and groom may think it is the end of the single life and the start of a new life. And a succession of festival adds more happiness to the wedding.
4. High- quality of wedding service
You may see the condition of piles of new couples stand in a queue and wait to take wedding dress photos in some large studio. You might worry that the photographers have to take picture for two or more pairs of new couple, which results in decreasing of the quality of the wedding dress photos. You may also worry about the wedding host, wedding designers and flower art are busy. They may be conscientiousness in performing all aspects of their tasks, but everything will not be in order. In the low season, all of them have more affluent time. They can show their talent as much as possible and give you a high-quality and perfect wedding. Besides, you have to pay more for a wedding dress in peak season; no matter you rent one or buy one.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Shopping Bridesmaid Dresses Online Tips a wedding ceremony, bridesmaids play an important role. For this reason, each bridesmaid girl wishes to be in very beautiful bridesmaid dress and be an amazing attendee on the occasion. The fantasies as well as dreams to be a bridesmaid have specific cost. It can take few weeks to get the perfect attire. Anxiety can cause more time in searching it before the real event. To shop the bridesmaid dress for the wedding event, trying online is bit easy task. It can to an extent aid in proper alleviation of certain hassles as well as worries in attaining the right appearance as you will never be restricted to certain stores at your region to which you can drive or to a specific size or colours which are obtainable in stores.

The first step is to search for the fresh styles of the particular season. That should be your inspiration. Magazines, online boutiques, pageants, red carpet celebrity styles and many more can provide you a collection of recent looks as well as designs of bridesmaid dress across the globe. Once you find the unique design or style which you like, the significant matter in on online shopping is the understanding of the size of dress you have to order. While shopping online, there will not be a provision for trial and wear. Therefore, you must be sure on the size of the dress you wish to purchase. The size of formal wears is normally small. Its cut will vary with designer making it. You must never assume that size will be same of that of the regular attire you have. Keep in mind that it is quite simple and easy to make alterations in dress that are larger in size. get the exact measurements, you may take your trope to an experienced and professional tailor. You may instruct them to match all measurements with size of bridesmaid dress in chart offered by the designer. Generally the thumb rule is to select the bigger size provided in size chart so that the dress can be altered in way that suitably fits for the bridesmaids.  Several online stores possess a guide. They will be very happy to aid you throughout in getting the right sized dress. Once you get it, you may alter the dress in such a manner that it provides best fit. It is essential to first identify whether the shop you find online is reputable and authentic in all aspects.

The trust factor is a big fear in case of shopping a bridesmaid dress online. You need to find if the store is trustworthy so that you can use the credit card and provide the address information while making purchase. You must keep certain matters in mind while determining the trustworthiness of online retailer. See if the prices offered is comparable with the ones provided in other websites that offers same product and check it with designer. Check reputation of website by checking BBB online, Facebook page, customers’ reviews and many more.  

Monday, 18 November 2013

Select the best Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids-the bridal attendant are those people who are very close to your heart.  These are the people who have supported you to make this relationship happen from the beginning.  With all these given merits you want to buy one of the best looking bridesmaid dresses for those loving bunch of friends who would love your selection.   It may be one of the confusing moments in your life as you are going to shop for your best friends who are agreed to be your bridal attendant.  How to overcome the situation?  It is better to take the confidence of your friends and invite them for the selection process.  Let your friends be with you at the time of planning itself.  There is no harm in discussing your budget limitations.
Your frankness may save you from odd situations.   Discuss all the wedding related plans within your friends and relative circle.  They can also put their valuable suggestion to trim down the expenses if you are not planning for a lavish wedding party.  According to the budget you can fix the cost of bridesmaid dresses.   Before you reach to the budget conclusion, it is better to visit various stores and boutiques that are available in your location.  This will give the price idea and fashion trend prevailing in the season.   You can collect dress brochures.  From the brochures according the budget you can narrow down the type of bridesmaid dresses.

Online store is also a good option where you can easily find out lot of bridesmaid dresses models.   You can narrow down the dress as per the choice of your bridal attendants.  There will be lot of designs.  The dresses can be selected depending on the venue of your wedding ceremony.  You can choose from designs such as ankle or floor length wedding gowns for the bridesmaids.   If the wedding ceremony is a kind of casual style then you can prefer tea-length, mini dress or knee-length bridesmaid dresses

In some of the celebrity wedding the number of bridesmaids will be very limited.  But still they make sure the bridesmaid dress will be stellar in fashion.  Recently one of the Bollywood film celebrities Dyna Hyden had her posh wedding at Las Vegas, USA.  She conducted her wedding as a very private affair.  On the wedding day there were only four bridesmaids.   Even though the number of bridesmaid were only four, the costume designed for them were expensive one to match the celebrities status.   Normally people throw their weight on dresses and accessories to illustrate their status among the public.
Different kind of fabrics such as Tulle, Taffetas, Specialty, Silks, Satins, Organza, Laces, Cotton and Chiffon are used to manufacture bridesmaid dresses.   The neckline fashion will be Jewel, V-neck, Tip-Of -The –S, Sweetheart, Strapless, Square, Sheer, Scoop, One-Shoulder, Off-The-Shoulder, Modest, Halter, Convertible or Bateau.  The silhouette will be Sheath, Princes, Mermaid, Ball Gown, A-Line or Fit-N-Flare.  The gown length will be Floor, Short or Tea.  The sleeve style will be Bell, Cap, Detachable, Fitted, and Sheer, Spaghetti Str, Strapless or Tank straps.  The train length will be None, Sweep or Chapel.  Is the selection confusing?

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bridesmaids add beauty to the ceremony!

Emphasis on the theme of the wedding is important while selecting the wedding dress as well as bridesmaid dress. The bridesmaid wedding dress must perfectly synchronize with the wedding dress then only the wedding function can gear up with the galore of the occasion. As usual selection of the wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, fixing of venue and arranging all other stuff related to a wedding party will be tough job if things are not planned properly. The wedding plan needs to be prepared well in advance by involving your close friends and relatives. That is the easiest way to make things easier especially people are employed, running on a tight schedule.

Certainly, couple will have dreams about their wedding function. Some may wish to add a theme to their wedding.  Yet another may wish to use their wedding function to promote a social awareness message. Let whatever be the idea/theme of the marriage once the theme is decided then the dress shopping has be carried out to match the theme of the wedding. The color, texture of the cloth, the number of guests to be invited, palettes to be used in the wedding has to be selected with precision. Avoid using violent colors. Couple will be having a lot of freedom to take a decision as it is their day and dream function. So naturally that will add some sort of pressure on the couple.  The situation does not ask you to take a decision alone. Their decision is important. But it is good to consult with friends and relatives to reach in to a proper decision.

All brides wanted to be in their best looking attire. They also wanted their friends and relatives too in their best looking attire. When it matters to the selection of bridesmaid dress be it matching with the tone of their body and physique. The bridesmaid’s opinion also can be considered while doing the shopping for bridesmaid dress. A matching bridesmaid dress that goes well with the theme of the function exhilarates the wedding ceremony. Bride’s maids are the people who make the function more live and take care of the guests on behalf of the bride. So put maximum care to present the bridesmaid in their best form.

One important thing while selecting the bridesmaid dress is that the style, color and texture of the fabric selected should complement with the bride’s wedding dress. The bridesmaid dress should not be overshooting the bride’s dress or should not create a dull appeal when comparing to the bride’s dress. In simple both dress should complement each other. To avoid confusion on the selection of bridesmaid dress, it is better to take the ladies to the selection process.   So that they know what are they going to wear at the time of wedding.  Any alterations required to be done on the bridesmaid dress also can be carried out before it is being actually given for them to wear. Rather than giving a surprise it is better to open your card and invite them for the selection and take them along with you as a bunch of confident, happy, cheerful bridesmaids!

Monday, 21 October 2013

How modern wedding differ from old?

Talk about weddings today and what comes to mind first are the wedding dresses, wedding cake, marital vows, parties and celebrations with family and friends. Before we got here, weddings were not as much as wedding dresses, parties and all. Different cultures today have their different wedding norms and formalities. In the Feudal days for instance, weddings did not even have a priest, neither did they have any witnesses. The modifications came as there arose need to concretize the union, making things more formal and binding. Before long, it became vital that a priest blesses the couple and then it was signed in that a priest before some witnesses must conduct the joining of the couple. 

The attires and makeup of the bride back in the day also differed significantly from the latest designer wedding dresses or the latest facial makeups and hairdo of today’s brides. It was more or less cruder than whatever is on display today. The bride will have special paintings as makeups on her. Some cultures even insist the lady must bleach her hair while for some others she and her maids must to braid their hair in a special way. Some of these appear crude yet they are still in practice even today. 

The kind of family the bride comes from also influences the rites she must undergo during her wedding. For the very rich, the woman will have a hot bath and then special oils and creams rubbed on her. If she came from a poor family, she would not have the hot nice bath but must be perfumed in a bid to suppress the dirt. Her apparel could range from fine silks, silver or gold embroideries to plain and well lit fabrics. For the men, their wedding dresses were very fine materials with furs ad belts.

The colour of the wedding dresses were also as significant as today’s. The bride today usually wears white or cream coloured gowns, which stands for purity. While the significance of purity still stands, the colour then was blue rather than white. For those who did not wear blue gowns they would wear some blue accessory on her; a blue scarf of ribbon. 

The Social stratum is very evident in the weddings back in medieval ages. Poor families who might not be able to afford the costly fine apparel might just resort to wearing the nicer looking everyday dresses. They might also not afford the castle setting weddings of those from noble homes. The partying and eating after today’s weddings is also similar to the ancient weddings with friends, families, dancers, singers and musicians all in full attendance.  

In conclusion, one thing that has not changed despite the changing times is that most weddings of those from wealthy families were rarely built on love and affection between the couple. The families usually arrange the marriages; the rich rarely marry from poor families. Such tactics rarely result in happy peaceful homes; it never did then and it never does today. 
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Thursday, 17 October 2013

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Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Beach wedding bridesmaid dresses should be a bit more casual than those worn in traditional wedding ceremonies. Long white robes are replaced by short-length dresses, and colors have a tendency to go with a beach-themed palette including shades of blue, green, and peach. The neatest thing about beach wedding bridesmaid dresses is they are freely available in most department shops and do not need to be acquired thru bridal shops, saving you giant time and money.

When attempting to find beach wedding bridesmaid dresses, search for styles that don't touch the sand. Bridesmaids can still look chic in short-length dresses that let them simply walk on the beach. Look for light-weight fabrics such as silk, organza, crepe, linen or chiffon. The bridesmaids' dresses should complement whatever the bride is wearing.

Most beach wedding bridesmaid dresses have spaghetti straps or halter tops. If the dresses are strapless, the bride should order matching wraps to guard them from the scorching heat or occasional drizzle.

Heels are a no-no in beach weddings. They are hard to stroll on and they get stuck in the sand. Beach wedding bridesmaid dresses are best complemented with strappy sandals. If you are wearing a more casual design, go for trendy flip flops or go barefoot.
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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Our DIY EBay Wedding

As a frugal mum/crafter to start with this was never going to be a fancy cookie cutter wedding.

In all honesty I never wanted chair covers or all those silly little other things you see at so many weddings.

I wanted something different.

So finding the right venue was HARD!!

We went EVERYWHERE in our area, finally ended up at our local pub sulking saying 'we're never going to find anything that fits us!' Little did I realize our local pub that we just LOVE to eat at was going to be the perfect location!

The George IV pub.

It's a little old sandstone 1800's sandstone, cobblestone, motorbike pub that has the most charming rustic, vintage hall out the back that is just the perfect setting for our rustic country vintage wedding!!! All with our very own private courtyard, that I can't wait to decorate!  And the food is just to die for! It's amazing!! (And I'm still trying to convince Steve that we can totally add a platter of Joes fantabulous chicken snitzel burgers to our wedding menu lol)

Done! First thing organized and booked!

Been so busy organizing, making, booking and ordering I've been forgetting to share!!

I've made so many different things (mostly inspired by Pinterest and google) so I've decided to do separate posts for each thing.

I've made all our table decorations myself, our invitations, the table clothes, the signs, our bridal table skirting, the bridal table back drop, the chair sashes, the candle holders and a few more things as well which I'm sure I'll forget to include.

As we go along I'll include the original idea or original Pinterest post so you can see where I took my inspiration from and see what I came up with as well :)

The next thing to get done was to order my wedding dress!!

HELLO EBay!! I found this cute little store based out of China that will make the dress of your dreams from a picture exactly to your measurements. Perfect!!

6 weeks and $150 later I had my dress!!

A much better price that what I could get here in Australia. The bridal shops were quoting me $2500, and I just couldn't justify to myself spending more on my wedding dress than I did for my car!

Sorry you don't get to see pics of that until after the wedding! Haha

Next was the bridesmaids. We went out shopping to find what sort of style was going to suit all my girls and was quoted $350-$400 for the dresses I picked. NO sorry!! Lol

We got online and found a store called got the dresses from there! $140 made to measure plus $25 postage. PERFECT! Only slight alterations are needed and they are good to go!

Here's my daughter Julia in hers lol

Absolutely perfect!

Ok that will do for now! Need to get the kids ready for school!

Happy scrapping!

Love Renee


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Bridesmaids won't steal the spotlight of brides

Participate in Sisterhood’s wedding is a big thing. As bridesmaid you should be polite and thoughtful to set off the bride but not totally disgraced brilliance. Maybe you look forward to reproduce the movie plot, getting her bouquet at the wedding and encounter prince. Here, the recommendations may give you some inspiration.

The dress of the bridesmaid
Bride usually wears white wedding dress with veil and shining jewelry. As bridesmaids, the most intimate personal people, you should be natural and able to sense this: the bride wants their bridesmaids around are beautiful and add luster to their own, but they definitely do not want to become a supporting role on her wedding day. 
This makes it a little difficult on the choice of dress. Looking at the U.S. trademark weddings, the bridesmaid dresses are often not more than the color below: pale pink, nude color, purple color. These are calm and elegant color tunes. The reason on the one hand is the low purity of these colors, making it not too conspicuous in the crowd. On the other hand, it makes the bridesmaid not be quirks and well match with bridal white silk. The style is usually dominated by the knee skirts, formal and not too sexy.  And compared with the bride’s luxury wedding dress, it will be not too eye-catching. But it can set off the bridesmaid’s confidence and elegance at the same time. You will win the same praise.
If the bride has selected a series of dresses for the bridesmaid, the sisters can worry-free. You will not be deemed to worry about the selection affect feelings. With a pair of decent and elegant high heels, or a delicate little necklace is enough to match your dresses.

Behavior of the bridesmaid
Do not think that bridesmaids need only carry the handbag and make up for bridal at any time. Or at most, you two whisper a secret and talk about the boudoir things. Bridesmaids need to be smooth and slick. There is an important task for bridesmaids that they must be respond groomsmen group witty when waiting for the ceremony. Then the bridesmaids also play an important role in the ceremony toast in protecting the bride and stopping wine is a great responsibility.
The Western-style wedding demands for even more stringent etiquette. Bridesmaid, being graceful, observes the bride’s dress, if there is a need, you should adjust immediately. The wedding process must be learned by your heart. When bridal is too excited and panic, you need to remind her precautions of the dressing up and playing games. The bridesmaid is a veritable “housekeeper.”
And when speaking, you should always be polite and modesty, because as the bridesmaids, your image and temperament will affect impression of the bride or even this couple in relatives’ hearts. A good positive image not only add luster for the sisters, but also is noticed by an individuals in a corner. Maybe it is the beginning of a beautiful romance.

TIPS for the bridesmaids:
One, the makeup is simple and generous, not to charming beautiful.
Two, try to talk with the bride elegantly. Minimize the whispers during wedding ceremony process, keeping a serious venue.
Three, before the wedding, communicate with groomsmen groups to understand the specific wedding process, avoid scene problems.
Four, the last but not the least, you should try to keep about one meter’s distance with the bride and be ready to help solve temporary problems.

Monday, 26 August 2013

English-style outdoor garden wedding

From the wedding of Prince William to the Olympics opening ceremony, British Culture calls people’s attention once again. Britons love flowers and love garden. So English garden wedding is quite popular. A typical English garden can not be complete without fine bone china, wanton bloom flowers, sweet and delicious cupcake, various shapes Funny pet and so on. Now let’s look at how to create an English-style garden wedding.

outdoor wedding dresses
Fine bone china often used in English-style wedding. Bone was first produced in the UK. And it is also favored by the British aristocracy used as sophisticated containers. Its smooth texture and beautiful colors, decorated with live flowers blend, make it ideal for a wedding especially the outdoor garden wedding and refined luxury wedding banquet. So to build a genuine English-style garden wedding, bone china is essential.
Cupcake is highly respected in the United States, but the British people love it, too. They named it as fairy cakes, because they think that the cupcake looks very much like a fairy tale fairy. Before a wedding ceremony, a dessert reception with cupcake and other desserts is very popular. It can not only entertain guests, but also add a lot of luster for the entire garden wedding with its delicate shape and color.
All kinds of exquisite handmade DIY card can add highlights in a garden wedding. If colorful flower decoration creates a static beautiful ceremony, a picture of “eat me” or “help yourself” then adds a lot of dynamic beauty.
Britons are fond of colorful gardens and flowers, so flowers tend to be used as decoration. In the wedding, either bouquet or bouquets are huge. In English garden wedding, the soft color bouquets are preferred. In the wedding, it stresses gradual transition of color, but it also does not exclude a few rich colorful ones as embellishment. However, the overall color tone should be controlled in pastel.

Humorous is one of the factors favored by the British. So children, pets and other natural cute elements are common in the wedding. Garden wedding can be described as a paradise for pets. They often act such an important role as delivering wedding ring and keepsake, adding unlimited fun for the wedding.
For the choice of floral, roses are the most commonly used in English-style garden wedding, but wild carrot flowers, daisies and other flowers are also often included in the scope of floral decoration. The latter can echo the garden, natural wedding theme. In English-style garden wedding, people are very serious about plate decorated flowers. Rose, peony is particularly classic dishes decorated flowers.
In the process to create garden theme, lovely mushrooms, butterflies are also common decoration material, matching with garden, outdoor overall style.
Now let’s have a look at the garden wedding dresses. Garden wedding dress should be in harmony with the garden environment. The mini dress or the dress with casual sense is the best choice.

A-line wedding dress can be coupled with hanging type bouquets, and fishtail dress with horizontal molding type bouquet, etc. You can choose the wedding dress decorated with a butterfly bow. Also, the lace or chiffon dress is most suitable for garden wedding.
The summer is the wedding season. People married in this season have lots of choices to design your wedding theme. Anyway, let us bless those coming into the wedding hall of the new people!