Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bridesmaids add beauty to the ceremony!

Emphasis on the theme of the wedding is important while selecting the wedding dress as well as bridesmaid dress. The bridesmaid wedding dress must perfectly synchronize with the wedding dress then only the wedding function can gear up with the galore of the occasion. As usual selection of the wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, fixing of venue and arranging all other stuff related to a wedding party will be tough job if things are not planned properly. The wedding plan needs to be prepared well in advance by involving your close friends and relatives. That is the easiest way to make things easier especially people are employed, running on a tight schedule.

Certainly, couple will have dreams about their wedding function. Some may wish to add a theme to their wedding.  Yet another may wish to use their wedding function to promote a social awareness message. Let whatever be the idea/theme of the marriage once the theme is decided then the dress shopping has be carried out to match the theme of the wedding. The color, texture of the cloth, the number of guests to be invited, palettes to be used in the wedding has to be selected with precision. Avoid using violent colors. Couple will be having a lot of freedom to take a decision as it is their day and dream function. So naturally that will add some sort of pressure on the couple.  The situation does not ask you to take a decision alone. Their decision is important. But it is good to consult with friends and relatives to reach in to a proper decision.

All brides wanted to be in their best looking attire. They also wanted their friends and relatives too in their best looking attire. When it matters to the selection of bridesmaid dress be it matching with the tone of their body and physique. The bridesmaid’s opinion also can be considered while doing the shopping for bridesmaid dress. A matching bridesmaid dress that goes well with the theme of the function exhilarates the wedding ceremony. Bride’s maids are the people who make the function more live and take care of the guests on behalf of the bride. So put maximum care to present the bridesmaid in their best form.

One important thing while selecting the bridesmaid dress is that the style, color and texture of the fabric selected should complement with the bride’s wedding dress. The bridesmaid dress should not be overshooting the bride’s dress or should not create a dull appeal when comparing to the bride’s dress. In simple both dress should complement each other. To avoid confusion on the selection of bridesmaid dress, it is better to take the ladies to the selection process.   So that they know what are they going to wear at the time of wedding.  Any alterations required to be done on the bridesmaid dress also can be carried out before it is being actually given for them to wear. Rather than giving a surprise it is better to open your card and invite them for the selection and take them along with you as a bunch of confident, happy, cheerful bridesmaids!

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