Friday, 30 January 2015

Light short wedding dresses for petite girls

A variety of materials and shapes short wedding dresses are popular now, the sophisticated silhouette is highlights effective body proportions and convex curves, it is really gospel for petite bride! More shorter more popular, Just let your legs breathe it!
Carla Ruiz
Smooth bright satin with delicate lace flowers, it is looming revealing the leg line, smoothly shawl is adds unique sense of style, it is flowing when you walk up.
Jenny Packham
Soft and delicate lace skirt extension, a little flash diamond dotted with shiny hair echoed, with just the right degree of exposed skin, looks elegant and perfectly clear.
Monique Lhuillier
Rich opportunely chest hollow out design is highlight sexy, compact personal "tulip" shaped skirt embellished details soft fabrics, pink bow belt with pretty hair echoes to create a smart and tender image.
Wrap lace skirt is revealing faint slim physique and skin texture, irregular fluffy veil enveloped the whole body, delicate high heels and delicate fine satin headband, it is so charming.
Oscar De La Renta
Water strapless pink umbrella design is against the background of white lace dress, through feeling fine gauze skirt is to create a full sense of the hazy air of beauty, high dish hair and lace hair upgrade gently beautiful princess temperament
Yolan Cris
Transparent gauze qualitative change for elegant feathers and Shan Zuan, tightening girth and fluffy elegant dress photograph, light some and clever, ornament of bud silk stockings stretched my legs, detail place better.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Wedding Monday: Choosing bridesmaid dresses for you

For brides, they are paying hundreds of dollars for a bridesmaid dress that is not flattering and bridesmaids won't ever wear it again. But for brides, you concerned about choosing a dress that will make your friends jump for joy instead of roll their eyes, here are some tips on how to choose the right bridesmaid dress:
1. As far as possible your payment, you can keep it under $300! You can buy some accessories, jewelry or shoes are a great bridesmaid gift!

2. You can choose multiple styles but the same color dress and let your bridesmaids choose their own love style.

3. Try to choose a color that is flattering on a variety of skin tones. Pink, champagne, blue are best choice.

4. If you know your bridesmaids won't wear the dresses again. You can consider to rent dresses.

5. Invite the bridesmaids to wear a pair of shoes they already own in a neutral color like black, tan or gold.

6. If you’re really relaxed, let your bridesmaids choose a little black dress that they already own to wear to the wedding.
Here are some ideas of great dresses we found available now: 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Four kinds of color bridesmaid dresses for young women

Relative to give priority to with white bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses from the choice of design and color is much more abundant. The bridesmaid dresses popular outfit is from delicate pink to mint green, from light candy color to elegant light purple, from brightly short dress to elegant romantic fold dress. Those popular elements make bridesmaid dresses more colorful which is become the most landscape on summer wedding.
Photo by: short pink bridesmaid dresses from
Pink tone

It is represents lovely and romantic, delicate pink is the most popular bridesmaid dress color, of course, it is also the main color for bridesmaid dresses. If you are a pink controller, then you can wear a pink to create a "most explosive Bridesmaid group"! Pink color is also never out of fashion, but also it is represents the bridesmaid to good love yearning.

Green tone

Green gives a fresh and quiet feelings which is very suitable for spring and summer wedding. Especially in the current season, an outdoor lawn wedding, warm sunshine jump between fresh skirt, beautiful and graceful. The sister group can become a beautiful touch of spring!
Candy color

Bright candy color is not only adds more festive and warm atmosphere, and it can complement with bride's wedding dress. Bright bridesmaid dress is also a blessing for new couple, represents joy.
Cool colors

Elegant lilac or light gray, low-key and gorgeous, it is just fit the role of "Best Supporting Actress" bridesmaid at the wedding. Blue bridesmaid dress is very suitable for a romantic summer beach wedding, it is also has a high rate in wedding.

Monday, 12 January 2015

The most heaviest and gorgeous wedding dresses for bride in the world

If Elie Saab's wedding dress design is gorgeous enough for you, then  Minnesota artists Gail Be designed by the millions of nail bead dress in addition to use local tyrants to describe, in other words has not been it on the line. It is spent more than three years time to build this gown which is weighed 400 pounds, with a look down at the Angle of the more show its majestic imposing manner, it is amazing.

Minnesota artist Gail Be took more than three years to create this piece 400 pounds (about 180 kg) wedding dress, it is made by more than one million beads. 20.5 feet long tail using a 7-mile line of beads, 500,000 glass beads and more than 400,000 crystals. It is probably the most heaviest wedding dress, right?

The designer specializes in the use of beads and 23 female staff spent a total of 833 days, that is more than two years to finalize the design of this work, she hopes that the wedding dress can appear in the movie, and finally collected by the Museum.

Gail Be's works have a unique design style, it is naturally gained a unique perspective stars love. Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett's jazz album covers in Gail Be design of "Erotic Ice coat."

Gail Be's design "Erotic Ice" T-shirt

Sunday, 4 January 2015

3 tips to help you select a appropriate bridesmaid dresses

In a grand wedding, the bride's dress to be glamorous, but at the same time, bridesmaid dresses are also not be underestimated, however, when you choose bridesmaid dresses for your good friends, everyone's opinion is not necessarily with the same, how to let those bridesmaid dresses style uniform, now let us look at bridesmaid dresses selection methods.

1 Choose a skirt which can be modified

To select a super versatile dress which can be wear at any time, it is better to have the straps style to create a variety of styles, the fabric can be curled, you can tie up the strap, you can create sexy strapless style or backless style to one shoulder goddess style, it is also deep v elegant dress. You can be able to choose a different color and length bridesmaid shop to choose the kind of skirt which can provide a variety of lace pattern. In this case, we are free to create their own skirts and choose a favorite style, but you will ultimately ensure that everyone is wearing a skirt of the same color and texture.

Note: Let your bridesmaids pay attention to learn this flexible tie-in dress, or wedding you will because of the busy to help them to wear the dress belt forgetting her big day details, that the dress loss out weights the gain.

2 Open the idea, think about the dress accessories

To select the bridesmaid dresses, you need try your best to pick some dress which can be wear in other occasion, and then pick up some clothes can mix together. Cashmere dress with smock dress has a bohemian style, it is very suitable for winter wedding. And in the summer, you can choose a colorful skirt with a white shirt, it looks cute and lively. The customized dress can not only wear in appointment dating, more suitable for urban style wedding, how to wear are popular.

Note: To buy a good set of clothing more expensive than purchase separately than a dress, so the place which to buy clothes is very important, in addition, if the bridesmaids to bear the costs of their own, you need to ask everyone's budget and where the line it is, then decide what brand to buy clothes.

3 do research together

If you mind about the color of the bridesmaid dresses which have already been idea, style, fabric, then you are likely to decide the choice what kind of dresses for bridesmaids.Even so, there are still a way to get everyone involved in the process of selection of dresses to ensure everyone wearing the same section of the bridesmaid dresses are neat. Assigning tasks to girlfriends, let them collect their own favorite dress style pictures from magazines, or send you the dress styles online link to you. Then, you can arrange a bridesmaid dress shopping, all bridesmaids went to the store to try on various style dresses, in the end to see what kind of dress is good.

Note:If your girlfriends shapes and sizes are different, very different, do not insist that all bridesmaids buy the same dresses, unless you can buy the dress for everyone.