Friday, 27 June 2014

Bridesmaid Dress Trend- Mismatched Gowns in 6 Ways

Too many girlfriends, too many bridesmaids, it’s hard to choose bridesmaid dresses? Each bridesmaid has different body shape, for one style bridesmaid dress someone wearing pretty while the other one may not ...... Are you still looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress? Look at these matched colors bridesmaid dresses! Let your bridesmaids group become an attractive landscape on your wedding.

1. Pastels colors match
If you want soft and elegant, then this pastels colors bridesmaid dresses is the most suitable for your wedding! These dresses are most suitable to wear in the spring, looking those sweet figure holding hands, right! The same lovely sweetheart neckline bridesmaid dresses in different colors, but the bride maids decide to choose different accessories, like a necklace and high heels. This way, every bridesmaid has their own characteristics. Have you been in love with this dress up?
2 Purple color in different styles
This purple bridesmaid dresses in different styles is most suitable for summer, these dresses always bring you surprise! Have you completely fallen in love with these gorgeous texture bridesmaid dresses? Using the same purple tone, plus different neckline and skirt, these bridesmaid dresses are beautiful. They look like from a fairy tale in general. A very beautiful matched bridesmaid dresses example.

 3 Soft colors bridesmaid dresses
This is the kind of neutral colors which mix and match the composition of natural soft tone, these soft colors bridesmaid dresses looks like a fantasy wonderland feel. Different neutral colors can easily mix fascinated sense of pretty. See how they fluttering in the wind. If you ask me, I would say, so dreamy!
4 Green colors match
What dress up is both elegant and romantic and gorgeous? This green mismatched dress up is in line with all of these characteristics. It achieve this effect, because these colors from the same tone. So, when they match together, just easily be able to reach the effect of attracting the eyes.
5 Mint matched with different fabrics
Want an extremely romantic color mix, possible? Why not consider this beautiful mint mix? It’s suitable for any season, but also it is easy to match! Also, you will really want to know that what’s the feeling of bridesmaids wearing lace and chiffon bridesmaid dresses.
6 Red wrapped lace dresses
Some may say that bridesmaids are distracting wearing red dresses? Now people are advocating personality, fashion, romantic wedding fashion, then there will not be wrong that girlfriends choose festive red bridesmaid dresses one wedding?
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How do celebrities dress up beautiful but not steal the brides show?

As a star wherever she goes she will become the spotlight, but when they become bridesmaids, even then a big Waner cannot grab the bride’s thunder. How to dress like a star both have good taste, enough to steal the spotlight, but also when standing next to the bride she becomes the best green leaves? Let’s look Hollywood actresses how to dress up, bridesmaids may steal the spotlight, but do not steal the brides show! Eva Longoria bridesmaid dress
Hollywood actress Eva Longoria as bridesmaids to friend, dressed in a pink chiffon bridesmaid dress. She is very goddess. Simple style with light weight fabrics suffice to highlight the noble temperament, it’s excessive if too large decoration, while it’s just the right sense of proportion. Kim Kardashian sisters bridesmaid dresses On Kim Kardashian’s first luxury wedding, her sisters become a role as bridesmaids for her. For the same love of dazzle, the sisters were willing to be green leaves for Kim. Using the most simple strapless neckline white bridesmaid dresses which both are a large uniform with Kim’s ornate wedding dress but also in sharp contrast with the wedding dress’s texture.
Rachel Bilson bridesmaid dress
Simple strapless bridesmaid dress, just doing some folds in the chest, mostly like the Greek goddess-style dresses. But rustic fabric weakened dress overall gorgeous sense.
Jennifer-Garner-led-way-bridal-party-during-October Although use of some heavy gorgeous satin to make the bridesmaid dress, but only has some dazzling details in the chest, only highlighting the overall good shape, the color also use pastel purple, rosy, but not dazzling. Kim-Kardashian-wore-purple-bridesmaid-sister-Khloé In fact, whether Kim Kardashian wears what, the face is enough to grab someone else’s thunder, but at her sister’s wedding, she chose a purple dress to hide her own light. This trick is suitable for deeper color bridesmaid.

Jessica-Alba-bridesmaid-Cash-Warren-best-man Superior looks and stature Jessica Alba also chose a dark blue bridesmaid dress, light and compact style, dark blue is even more a little low-key. Jessica-Simpson-walked-down-aisle-Zach-Braff-pal-CaCee Jessica Simpson is more pure, dressed in a black lace bridesmaid dress that looks elegant and not overly ornate, only accidentally exposed legs. Selena-Gomez-posed-photographer-her-friend-Mexico-beach Selena Gomez pure and lovely, chose a simple halter bridesmaid dress, blue especially suitable for this cool seaside wedding. Naomi-Watts-carried-bouquet-alongside-bride-Emma-Cooper

Naomi Watts looks cool and playful in this small lace white dress. This mesh lace differs from the sexy gorgeous lace bridal gown. Slightly casual texture sense, it’s especially suitable for bridesmaids to wear. November-2007-Mary-Kate-Olsen-Ashley-Olsen-both-donned-white Olsen sisters’ maverick dressing up also brought on the wedding, though they are also white dresses, but a little bit cowboy style, or some bohemian style, less formal feel.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses has never been easier or cheaper - thanks to the high street

YOU don't need to spend a fortune to acquire brilliant dresses and accessories for your big day. WEDDINGS are a pricey business. From the dress to the venue and everything in between, it often feels that the love gets swamped by the expense.
But you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a day to remember, especially when it comes to what the bridesmaids wear. High street stores are packed with brilliant dresses and accessories. We sent a bride and her best friend to Silverburn Shopping Centre outside Glasgow before taking them on to the city’s Club 29 to check out their wedding facilities. Bride-to-be Clare Gardener, 24, is a theatre nurse, from Dennistoun, Glasgow, and her bridesmaid Fiona Dow is a PR account executive, who’s also from the city. As it is Clare’s big day, we asked her to run the rule over a number of different outfits.
Fiona in lime dress from Warehouse

Fiona in lime dress from Warehouse 
Clare said: “We’ve been best friends for about 10 years, so I know Fiona is going to be a brilliant bridesmaid.

“She’s really well-organised and good at dealing with people, so those qualities are pretty important for the job. “I always go to Fiona for advice about fashion and it was her who helped me pick my wedding dress, so I think she has to have a say in what she wears on the day, too. “I haven’t decided on a particular colour scheme yet, so the bridesmaid’s dress is important to pull together the look and feel of the wedding. “But I want her to be comfortable, too, and feel good about herself on the day. Gold maxi dress from Oh My Love @ Topshop
Gold maxi dress from Oh My Love @ Topshop “I’ll be buying the dress, so it’s important to me that she gets something that she wants to wear again.
“It would be a waste just to wear it once.” Top tips on shopping for high street labels
Hitting the high street can take the stress out of shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses. Not only are prices much more affordable but the whole process is more relaxed as there’s no appointments to try on dresses. This season, the shops are full of elegant, floaty dresses in pretty pastel colours that are ideal for a bridesmaid. But more brides are choosing black or metallic shades to create a chic, monochrome look on their big day.
The added bonus is that dresses in these colours are likely to be easy to wear again for a night out or a formal event. Most brides pick up the tab for their bridesmaids’ dresses these days, so it’s important to set a budget. Shops such as Monsoon, Debenhams and Coast have fab ranges designed with weddings in mind. You can also try Miss Selfridge, Zara, Oasis and Warehouse for vibrant, of-the-season shades.
For more muted tones, you’ll find plenty of choice in Topshop, M&S and New Look. Try to avoid dresses with excessive detail, beading or patterns and instead go for stylish simplicity. You don’t want the bridesmaids to take the focus away from you, so big, bright prints are a no-no. Don’t forget shoes and accessories. Metallic or nude shades work best for shoes and bags because they are super versatile. With such a wide choice, you and your bridesmaids are bound to find something that’s just perfect for all of you. It might take a few trips to the shops to please everyone but, while you’re looking, you’ll have some great girly bonding time, too. All clothes supplied by Silverburn, Glasgow, and Union Square, Aberdeen Source:

Monday, 16 June 2014

10 Non-Bridesmaid Dresses Your Wedding Party Will Actually Want To Wear

If the movie “27 Dresses” taught us anything, it’s that a closet full of chiffon pastel coloured monstrosities is less than ideal. Never mind the part where your secret crush marries your sister and you have to plan their wedding.
The bridesmaid dress is an ongoing joke for pretty much any girl who has friends getting married. After the initial joy of being asked to be part of your BFF's bridal party, the reality of having to shell out a few hundred dollars to wear a one-look-fits-all dress for one day sets in. Cue groans. If bridesmaids around the world could emit a subliminal message of sorts to their blushing brides-to-be, it would be “please choose a dress that doesn't make me look like I’m going to 9th grade semi formal all over again!”
We hear you loud and clear, bridesmaids. Perhaps you can accidentally leave this link open on the bride’s desktop the next time you visit. You’ll thank us when she’s suddenly inspired to choose one of our picks for the best non-bridesmaid dresses you’ll willingly re-wear for years to come. Have a look at our picks below! And click the photo for more details.
  green formal bridesmaid dress
green long formal bridesmaid dress
red long formal bridesmaid dress
red lace formal bridesmaid dress
blue lace formal bridesmaid dress
lace red formal bridesmaid dress
pink formal bridesmaid dress
beige formal bridesmaid dress
red lace formal bridesmaid dress
grey formal bridesmaid dress

How about these dresses? There elegant pretty long dresses are suitable for wedding and formal evening occasions. You can wear these dresses again and again!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Where to Sell Bridesmaid Dresses Online (And Rent!)

Wedding season is in full swing, which means bridesmaid dress anxiety is at an all-time high. It starts with the heartwarming proposal that you've been helping the groom prepare for for months, leads into dress shopping with the bride because she really, really only wants to pick out something that you would love and wear again, and ends with a chiffon-covered addition to the back of your closet à la Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses.

The average bridesmaid dress currently costs $300. That is a lot of money to put down for a one-time wear in the name of love and friendship. And at the end of the day, no one wants to refuse the bride, no matter the cost. That's where these 10 sites come in. From the most efficient resale operations in the game to bridesmaid dress rental companies (oh yes, they exist), we rounded up the best options the web has to offer. This way, you won't end up with a drained wallet and a closet full of unwearable dresses by the end of summer.

Wore It Once: This aptly named site brings together buyers and sellers for all kinds of gowns, but specializes in wedding and bridesmaid dress resales. Try your luck here if the gown is from a major bridesmaid dress company likeDessy or David's Bridal. Wore It Once requires a onetime $25 listing fee, but doesn't ask for any commission off of sales.

Bridesmaid Trade: A well-curated selection of only bridesmaid dresses—the website doesn't allow listings of anything else. There is no fee to list a dress, and the site makes money off of a $15 charge that they add onto the sale of the dress after you set the price. For example, if you list your dress for $75, it will show up on the site priced at $90 and when the dress is sold, you will still collect the full $75.

My Bridal Bids: It's like eBay specifically for all things wedding related. My Bridal Bids allows you to set a selling price and the amount of time that the dress will be up for auction, then the bidding begins. There's no fee to list the dress but the site collects a 12% commission on every sale.

Wedding Bee Classifieds: Wedding Bee is a wedding blog that incorporates a classifieds section into an already well-trafficked site full of everything wedding-related. The classifieds section is meant to be a marketplace specifically for individual brides and bridal parties, which means you won't be competing with vendors selling their own bridesmaid dresses. There'sno listing fee and Wedding Bee doesn't collect a commission on any of the sales.

Smart Bride Boutique: Another site that works on a classifieds model, Smart Bride Boutique differentiates itself by allowing buyers to search for dresseswithin their current city. The site has listings from sellers all over the US and Canada, and there is no listing fee or commission made on any sale.

The Gown Swap: This site has a more boutique-y look and feel, so if you're worried about your listing getting lost in a sea of taffeta one day after it goes up, The Gown Swap is for you. There's no listing fee and no commission collected on any sales.

Recycle Your Wedding: This wedding sale site is basically the classifieds section of mega-popular wedding blog Ruffled. There's no fee to list your dress as a seller; you can search the "wanted" section of the site to contact potential buyers directly. Recycle Your Wedding doesn't take commission on any sale.

Say you want to skip the madness of buying and reselling dresses altogether. In that case, see if you can convince the bride to go the rental route.Bridesmaid rental companies are a small but growing field that offer dress rental services the same way tux rental companies have been doing for eons.

Corie Hardee is the founder of Little Borrowed Dress, a four-year-old online bridesmaid rental shop that serviced a few thousand weddings last year alone. The site lists a small selection of season-less, classic bridesmaid styles and specializes in carrying dresses that offer flattering fits without needing alterations. Other sites in the market include Rent the Runway's wedding shop and Vow to be Chic. Find out the details on all three rental services below.

Little Borrowed Dress: Choose from 12 styles and 18 colors all while supporting made-in-NYC manufacturing. You can order a free second dress in a backup size, and the dresses will arrive in the mail two weeks prior to the wedding. Due to high demand, the company also just launched a sample box service. For $25, Little Borrowed Dress mails two dresses to your doorstep just to try on. The service allows customers four days with the dresses to make sure styles and colors will work before committing to rentals.

Rent The Runway: RtR has received many accolades as a destination for renting designer gowns and accessories for all types of occasions. However, the site also has a dedicated wedding shop that includes a well-curated selection of bridesmaid dress options from elegant gown go-tos includingMonique Lhuillier, Badgley Mischka, and Reem Acra. The site will includea second backup size for free and dresses can be shipped either four or eight days in advance.

Vow to be Chic: This site specializes in rentals from high-end bridesmaid dress designers like Swoon and Joanna August. Rentals start at $95 and there is a $15 flat-rate shipping fee that includes a home try-on two months before the wedding, as well as shipping the dress to the customer the week before the event.

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

2014 Colorful Wedding Dresses Trend

Pink Wedding Dresses : blushing brides.
Call it blush, rose or petal, wedding dresses in shades of pink are hot favorites for brides looking for an alternative to white or ivory in 2013. This trend is set to continue in 2014, with more vibrant varieties of pink (coral, cerise, and raspberry), satiny champagne pink, vintage-inspired powdery hues (such dusty rose), ombre and multi-tonal colors.

Beyond Pink Wedding Dresses: colorful wedding dresses
Metallic, jewel-tone and even neon. These are hardly words you would normally associate with bridal gowns but we’re slowly seeing more designers introducing these unconventional bridal colors into their designs, whether as an accent, or as the main color. Peach, lilac and pale blue are romantic alternatives to soft pink wedding gowns while brides looking for a luxurious look can try dresses with detailing in silver or gold.
Colored Lace/Embroidey
While all-over lace gowns have been a perennial favorite in the bridal world, wedding dresses which feature contrasting lace or embroidered accents is a trend that is gaining ground and turning heads. White lace over pale colored gowns are sweet and romantic, while darker embroidery on white dresses make for an unforgettable image. Gold lace adds a dramatic opulence to any look.

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