Monday, 29 December 2014

Four different styles bridesmaid dresses for autumn wedding

In the wedding day, it is beyond the new people protagonist, the best man and bridesmaids are the main protagonist. However, as a bridesmaid what kind of bridesmaids you have to choose? It is both to show your own character, but also it is not to grab the bride's thunder, the fall bridesmaid dress selection is necessary to pay attention to details.

1 Mori Girl style

Quiet and gentle mori girl who can choose mori girl style bridesmaid dresses. As usual your own fashion style, does not seem too grab the bride's thunder; slightly more than usual formal dress is not inappropriate, this fresh style is also adds some fresh for the lively wedding.

2 Personality style

The fashion personalities women, no matter what is kind of style, to select the light elegant colors are more appropriate. Bright and handsome girl who has its own unique temperament in the wedding, it is echo with bride elegant and dignified temperament which will add more colors for the wedding.

3 Lovely style

It is most suitable to choose the candy-colored dress for the cute girl. The bride's dress is often white or Chinese-style red, you can choose pink, lemon yellow, gold red, it is not only to malfunctions with the bride, the bright candy colors with a short and streamlined style, it is also to support the bridesmaid's cute, but also it is contrasting the bride's dignified.

4 Temperament style

The temperament women is generally have more powerful gas field, but on the girlfriends wedding, it is certainly not distracting. The simple mature bridesmaid dress is more suitable for this style women. It is not to not grab attention, because Ming yan color also won't too shine because of exquisite decoration, can be straightforward style will own temperament.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Something blue single items for bridesmaid

The people who is familiar with Western Wedding culture know that "something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue" this ancient tradition, this custom symbolizes blessings and good luck in all directions can be landed in the new body, it is also very simple, but moral good.

One of the "something blue" is reflected in both the embellishment of wedding venues layout, it is also appear in bridesmaid who has become an important element in the shape of the day, it is from the bride closely, they will bring good luck stronger. The blue color is the classic never fade, something blue in seven bridesmaids who reflect, take a look at what is the best choice for you!

Allure Bridals

Wear pink blue in the body, in colorful summer fruit flavour is dye-in-the-wood, relaxed and not too sweet greasy. Flowers neckline is the focus design for the dress skirt which is add cute and charming for the dress.

Touch Ups

The benefit of blue satin material is colorful, it can be demostrated the excellent color fullness in normal sunlight, as the summer sunlight, bright, attractive, some good shoes can make you instantly to life.
Orianne Collins

The blue topaz crystal is shiny, worn in the ear, flashing gestures, we can make this a blue popular.
Fifth Bond Jewelry

The collar glory is from this sapphire necklace, flashing a dazzling luster can instantly attract people attention, it is better for the overall shape brighten points.

Nina Bridal

The crystal necklace elegant chic modelling, connected with ribbon on both ends of the necklace, contact with neck when wearing comfortable, the design is very clever.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

How to choose the bridesmaid dresses?

Cyan and crab shells green bridesmaid dresses look like a small fresh taste, it is suitable for fresh or lively style wedding, the bridesmaid wear this style dress looks so cute and playful, the cut is relatively decent and generous, it is very fit for bridesmaids to wear.
Navy blue bridesmaid dresses look very elegant, it is also more suitable for bridesmaids to wear, and the same color tone but different style color dresses have not the same feeling which is very suitable for bridesmaids group, I believe this group will become a beautiful landscape in the wedding.
Grass green bridesmaid dresses look very youth and attractive, but also this across  neck simple design can show a different flavor, it will set off a bridesmaid both gentle and elegant.
Indigo and navy blue bridesmaid dresses are also very good which can emerge bridesmaid elegance, and the sexy V-neck with small curls is really great feeling, the bridesmaids whole temperament are highlighted, it is very attractive.
Red bridesmaid dress is also a good choice, both in line with the characteristics of the wedding celebration, and bright red and sweet pink alike looked very cute, red bridesmaid dresses are more suitable for some gorgeous colors of wedding.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Three creative wedding gifts for brides

Bridesmaid in good hear your girlfriends to get married besides excited, but also you will worry about what had to send it? Do you want to send a memorable wedding gift?

First, the bride's new home can be used 

It is not too practical things, the brides will be locked cupboard or shelved become a "waste" after they received. It would be better to send a practical thing! A new house can be used for tableware, tea, sofa cushions, etc., in order to allow the gift a few years meaning, it may in some emblazoned with the new information relating to such a special gift to both practical and friends.

Second, the bride's jewelry

Household goods has already been sent? Then you can choose the bride's jewelry for her, you can customize or go to the counter to buy bride marry jewelry, it is not required too expensive, as long as it is enough unique! It is not only wear it in the wedding, but also it can be wear usually, it is more importantly to recall a time with a beautiful wedding day, but you can think of you!

Third, The wedding props can be used

Cheap jewelry is bad to sent, the good one can not afford to send? Then take a look at what the right bride wedding props it! Card tables? Sign books? Backdrop decoration? It is ok if you can think of it. But you must remember that the gift is consistent with the theme of the wedding, or if it is too obtrusive will not decorated with it, this props even if the wedding is ended, but also the bride can still take home ornament, each time I see must be thinking of you this kind of good girlfriends.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Four tips for bridesmaid should be pay attention to in the wedding

First, Don't complain the bridesmaid style

Some brides will prepare the clothing and makeup for the bridesmaid in advance, but everyone perhaps has different styling preferences, if you do not like the preparation style, you can communicate and exchange in advance. But remember that you do not complain your style in the wedding day, such as the shape of the bride prepare is not as good as mind, or how does not take into account their feelings, like this personal points as long as you can understand yourselves, after all, in the whole day, you should remain happy mood for the bride in the wedding.

Second, do not drink too much

The catering time after the wedding, the bridesmaids may be have sometime to get something to eat, if you choose to drink a little wine, then you can try not to drink too much, then you can add some drinks in the wine, both to maintain a polite exchange with others do not let yourself be too uncomfortable.

Third, do not always talk about spending

Some brides choose their girlfriends for their bridesmaids so that they can allow the bridesmaids to help themselves to complete the wedding  preparations, such as to select the wedding dress, the honeymoon formation arrangements. If you are fortunate enough to become the bride's right-hand man, then do good assistance work, do not talk about the wedding expenditures too much.

Fourth, Planning the favored wedding party for the brides

Sometimes the bridesmaids will help the brides to organize wedding parties, then the bridesmaids will be published their proposal in the course of their preparations. But you shoulder recognize that you are ready to help the bride in the wedding party, so try your best to listen the bride's suggestion, so as to achieve the ideal wedding party in bride hearts.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

3 popular trends bridesmaid dresses

Pretty bow style

The fine details are always impressed in in the T stage. From simple satin belt to boldly decorative on the dress, the bow is inflexible to basic changes into a beautiful wedding outfit of the philosopher's stone.

From left to right: the light pink strapless satin dress with hem bow chic combination is very attractive; Vera Wang's chiffon A-line dress is elegant and romantic; the dark blue strapless satin dress is suitable for spring and summer ocean weddings.

Elegant scoop style

The scoop neck can maximize showing feminine elegance and restrained. The scoop neck can use bold colors which is match with wedding joy and lively, while it is showing a mature and elegant style.

From left to right: bright yellow silk sheath dress, bridesmaid showing elegant, charming temperament; light purple best performance of a woman's charming, decorative neckline increase gorgeous sense; simple, elegant blue, creating a lively atmosphere of the wedding.

Alternative colors collision

Colors collision design adds more colors for the overall shape. Such dress skirt with a strong color contrast will make your bridesmaids extraordinarily beautiful in flushing out of the picture in the future, all the time, the cultivation effect is very good.

From left to right: Light champagne and black collocation gives the elegant style of movement all appropriate; And the use of different purple, stretching the lower half ably, the outline of a perfect curve.