Monday, 8 December 2014

Four tips for bridesmaid should be pay attention to in the wedding

First, Don't complain the bridesmaid style

Some brides will prepare the clothing and makeup for the bridesmaid in advance, but everyone perhaps has different styling preferences, if you do not like the preparation style, you can communicate and exchange in advance. But remember that you do not complain your style in the wedding day, such as the shape of the bride prepare is not as good as mind, or how does not take into account their feelings, like this personal points as long as you can understand yourselves, after all, in the whole day, you should remain happy mood for the bride in the wedding.

Second, do not drink too much

The catering time after the wedding, the bridesmaids may be have sometime to get something to eat, if you choose to drink a little wine, then you can try not to drink too much, then you can add some drinks in the wine, both to maintain a polite exchange with others do not let yourself be too uncomfortable.

Third, do not always talk about spending

Some brides choose their girlfriends for their bridesmaids so that they can allow the bridesmaids to help themselves to complete the wedding  preparations, such as to select the wedding dress, the honeymoon formation arrangements. If you are fortunate enough to become the bride's right-hand man, then do good assistance work, do not talk about the wedding expenditures too much.

Fourth, Planning the favored wedding party for the brides

Sometimes the bridesmaids will help the brides to organize wedding parties, then the bridesmaids will be published their proposal in the course of their preparations. But you shoulder recognize that you are ready to help the bride in the wedding party, so try your best to listen the bride's suggestion, so as to achieve the ideal wedding party in bride hearts.

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