Monday, 29 December 2014

Four different styles bridesmaid dresses for autumn wedding

In the wedding day, it is beyond the new people protagonist, the best man and bridesmaids are the main protagonist. However, as a bridesmaid what kind of bridesmaids you have to choose? It is both to show your own character, but also it is not to grab the bride's thunder, the fall bridesmaid dress selection is necessary to pay attention to details.

1 Mori Girl style

Quiet and gentle mori girl who can choose mori girl style bridesmaid dresses. As usual your own fashion style, does not seem too grab the bride's thunder; slightly more than usual formal dress is not inappropriate, this fresh style is also adds some fresh for the lively wedding.

2 Personality style

The fashion personalities women, no matter what is kind of style, to select the light elegant colors are more appropriate. Bright and handsome girl who has its own unique temperament in the wedding, it is echo with bride elegant and dignified temperament which will add more colors for the wedding.

3 Lovely style

It is most suitable to choose the candy-colored dress for the cute girl. The bride's dress is often white or Chinese-style red, you can choose pink, lemon yellow, gold red, it is not only to malfunctions with the bride, the bright candy colors with a short and streamlined style, it is also to support the bridesmaid's cute, but also it is contrasting the bride's dignified.

4 Temperament style

The temperament women is generally have more powerful gas field, but on the girlfriends wedding, it is certainly not distracting. The simple mature bridesmaid dress is more suitable for this style women. It is not to not grab attention, because Ming yan color also won't too shine because of exquisite decoration, can be straightforward style will own temperament.

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