Monday, 2 February 2015

Six new style bridesmaid dresses make your bridesmaid group more beautiful

You must have seen too many bridesmaid dress uniform of unity in the wedding- unity of color, unified style, unified look, what are united! Do you want to have something different?

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NO.1: The same style dress with different collar design bridesmaid dresses

Why: If you want to break the tradition, but also you want your bridesmaids group to show a united breath, but you do not want to outline their classification in the photo so that it makes them feel uncomfortable.

How to do: To find a bridesmaid dress designer and to determine a bridesmaid dress basic models and background, and then you can get the clothing style sheet to your  bridesmaids to have a look, let them choose their favorite bridesmaid dress style, and then you can customize the dress according to their selection.

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NO.2: The same style with different colors bridesmaid dresses

Why: If you feel that the same color bridesmaid dress is too monotonous, but you also want to have some contact and can be distinguished from other guests.

How do: The same, you need to find a dress designer, you can first choose the basic dress, or you can let your bridesmaid freedom to choose the bridesmaids dress style. Then you need to determine the color of the dress. If bridesmaid dress color is showing a rainbow color, it would be look very interesting. It is note that substantially the same color to choose, for example, pink, and red. And you need to pay attention to the color distribution uniform.

NO.3: the same color but different styles bridesmaid dresses

Why: If you hate the bridesmaids to wear uniform clothing, but you still want their clothing matched.

How to do: The first, you need to determine the garment color, it is better not a common color but can match it perfectly. You should carefully consider the conventional colors. Of course, the most unexpected color is black. Then let your bridesmaids choose their own style and coordinate after re-order.

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NO.4: Different styles and different shades of the same color dress

Why: You do not know how to match the bridesmaid dresses and you only think of a universal contrast color scheme.

How to do: This is a dress of the same color in different transformation techniques. Similarly, you can give your suggestion before bridesmaids choose their dresses, if you like pink, you can give them belong to color of different shades to choose. But remember that you need to respect your bridesmaids choice.
NO.5: A completely different colors and styles bridesmaid dresses

Why: If you do not care what your bridesmaids to wear, as long as they are able to dress up a little beautiful.

How to do: Maybe sometimes you will be very confused why your bridesmaid dress and the wedding dress does not match? So, you should tell them wedding main colors and wedding theme so that choose the wedding dress more fit.

NO.6: For a custom-made special bridesmaid dress for chief bridesmaid

Why: If you want your chief bridesmaid will be more prominent in the bridesmaids group.

How to do: You have many options. First, you can determine the other bridesmaid dress, whether unified style or color that how to make the chief bridesmaid appear more prominent. The easiest way is to choose a different color or different style dress as chief bridesmaid dress which make her dress more fit wedding theme colors. Or let's chief bridesmaid wear floor length dress and distinguished between the knee-length bridesmaid dresses. Or let's chief bridesmaid match with a unique accessories, such as a Corolla.

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