Wednesday, 22 October 2014

What kinds of color is most appropriate for summer bridesmaids

Summer is the best season which is full of sunlight and energy, and also a lot of couples choose this season to complete their life-long event. So as the bridesmaid, do you know what kinds of color is most appropriate for you in the summer. No matter what is the francis protagonist or greenery, wedding day dress is that many people are more concern topic, today, we will tell you what kinds of color is suitable for you to attend the wedding.
Purple strapless ball gown bridesmaid dresses make the beautiful women who are considered to be mysterious and sexy avatar. But also it is the most combat dress to attract the opposite sex.
Pink purple strapless bridesmaid dress with sequins on the chest is little stunning elegant feeling.
Red suspenders short organza bridesmaid dress is revealing a sense of joy and innocence, the whole wedding scene and the couple's dress is the perfect combination in the wedding.
Strapless folds yellow bridesmaid dresses with pink silk flower embellishment, she is so sweet and cute, so the boy can no resistance such cute girl.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Top 5 spring 2015 bridesmaid dresses trends

Bridesmaid is an beautiful landscape in the wedding, so choose the bridesmaid dress is an important things for you. When you are planning on picking the bridesmaid dress, there are plenty of stylish looks for you and your maids to choose from. Now, the designers have been creating fashion looks dresses that include hi-low hemlines, asymmetrical necklines in a range of hot hues from rich jewel tones to soft pastels. Here are some of the top nine key looks for the fast approaching spring season.

1. Lace

Lace, which is popular on ready-to-wear runways and red carpets and is one of the top picks for bridesmaid dress fabrics. You’ll see all lace dresses as well as part lace gowns where the bodice or skirt is paired with a complementary fabric.

2. Purple and Blush 

According to bridesmaid dress designers purple still reigns supreme as the NO.1 bridesmaid dress color in shades as dark and rich as eggplant to the palest soft lavender, followed by light blush tones. While other colors seem to come and go, purple remains a trusty option.

3. Asymmetrical Neckline and Hemlines 

Whether it’s a one-shoulder neckline or a hi-low hemline, asymmetry is definitely in for both wedding dresses and bridesmaid styles. Great for those with toned upper arms and shoulders.

4. Illusion Necklines 

Illusion necklines have been huge on wedding gown runways for a while now and they’re becoming increasingly popular as bridesmaid styles. We like to think of illusion necklines as strapless with a bit more coverage, and whether it’s lace or sheer, it provides a classic and elegant look on most styles.

5. Short

As the bridesmaid, it will be very busy. Short dress is very convenient to wear, but also the short bridesmaid dress looks very cute, it is very fit for the wedding. You can choose pink, yellow, purple and other colors for you, only the dress color can't too similar for the wedding dress.

Monday, 13 October 2014

7 style beautiful wedding dresses in the famous film

"The Great Gatsby"

1920s, shortly after the end of World War I, the nascent United States for the first time with a strong posture to meet the winner of their own era. In this era, it was held a century wedding, we also ushered the first reformed on the wedding in the 1920s. When Buchannan wearing a wedding dress which the inspiration is source of daisy, that we do not find that the wedding dress has to turn over a new look! Simple silhouette, water-based lines with integrate into modern elements, abandoned once cumbersome and complex, made an impression!
"Hunger Games"

Katniss wearing hard transparent gauze layered wedding dress who is holding President Snow's hands affectionately in the film. As everyone knows, Tex Savario design this wedding dress, the integration of the "Fantasy" style, silver flame trees in the upper body which is using thousands of Swarovski rhinestones. Put aside the film itself, it is also let the audience satiety wedding design visual feast!

Paige wearing a pink beaded short wedding dress with flowers, she is cute. This style wedding dress is more suitable for young petite bride. It is also match with a high bun hairstyle layered pink veil with moderate length, which is making the cute conducted in the end!

"Twilight: Breaking Dawn"

Until Bella married Edward, all problems have been handed over to time. Dressed in white silk lace wedding dress, Then you look at me, with their epic romantic wedding, so in tune.

"Bride wars"
"Mamma Mia"

"Sex and the City"