Tuesday, 5 April 2016

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The city is presented and it worked: Yes, the election of Miss Pays de Loire will take place in Gorron October 1 to the space CHIS. What is this evening? Interview with Marie-Ange Domingo, organizer for the Committee miss France.
The city expressed interest. It has mounted an application file. It rained at the jury, which has selected it. The city also paid costs of organisation of the show.
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Miss France will come?
Of course! For the first time, Miss France 2016, Iris Mittenaere, will come well in Gorron, the CHIS space. It should be noted that, as every year, Miss France will come also to Carelles (then), also in the North-Mayenne, early July. Bocage called sector will therefore host it twice this year!
To change from city, every year, in order to represent the whole of the Pays de la Loire region, and that this is not always the most populous departments are best represented. The Organization in Gorron is also Mayennaise, and so that is interesting, because it is the first organization in the Mayenne d├ępartement of the event.
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Are there had a miss Mayenne, who became miss country of the Loire, or even Miss France?
Fifteen young women there will be the election of Miss Pays de Loire 2016. The contenders for the title of Miss Pays de Loire 2016 will participate prior to departmental or local elections or selections to qualify on the regional election. The public will be the first votes to select a small number of aspirants. Then, the jury will take over and select one. It will consist of 9 to 11 people, local elected representatives, partners of the event, representatives of Miss France organization.
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