Friday, 24 July 2015

Choose appropriate short wedding dresses

More and more brides are opting for a short wedding dresses. They are so cute and perfectly match the brides who do not like and do not usually wear long skirts. 
Following the line of bridal dress, it should be in accordance with the ceremony theme, the short bridal gowns stay beautiful for outdoor wedding parties, or the day indoor ceremonies.

The short wedding gowns can have as much glamor as long. At night, the model can be used as second dress to enjoy the party - or a bride that accepts break tradition. In this case, the short bridal dress works at any time if the bride is taken off.
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The secret to hit when using a short wedding dress is to seek balance. The model leaves legs in evidence, so the ideal is that the neck is not deep. And to make the look even more glamorous, the part can be made of tulle, lace and silk gazar and combined with hats, skullcaps and other fun accessories.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Top 3 colors bridesmaid dresses for girl to wear on the wedding party

Bridesmaid is an indispensable figure in the wedding, so it becomes a trouble for many girls about how to choose the bridesmaid dresses. Today we will tell you some tips to select the bridesmaid dress.
Short pink bridesmaid dresses for young girls 

1 Romantic Pink

Sweet pink has been synonymous with romance, it is naturally indispensable bridesmaid dresses colors. But the pink color is a relatively dangerous one, too pretty will bring a sense of steady, so the control of its brightness and depth is extremely important. Bright pink is undoubtedly more pretty, so if a large area of ​​application, the bridesmaid dress should be ladies and mature; if you want to add pink romantic temperament, you can use satin and high degree expose skin style. It is also use shades on the pink dress, pink substrate, brilliant pink as a local decoration can bring not prevalent custom effects.

2 Soft yellow

Bright yellow is eye-catching, different shades will bring different efforts. On the wedding, we need to pay attention to yellow area with its brightness and vividness should be inversely proportional. Goose yellow match with chiffon or gauze fabric, appropriate degree of exposed skin can bring yellow ethereal sense of elegant, it is avoid large area to cover, otherwise a bit heavy and old fashioned. Bridesmaid dresses can also choose a white dress, in local, such as belts, woven flowers, mosaic, etc. use more bright yellow embellishment.

3 Elegant green

Green is undoubtedly the best endorsement of spring, its fresh, elegant tone is also very suitable for dress selection. The pale green use is more broader, but also it is very suitable for large area applications. Green light weight easy feeling, so you can choose a higher bridesmaid dress exposed skin style, wide straps, strapless, backless or high-necked green bridesmaid dress can plays its ultimate effect, elegant and yet sexy.