Friday, 27 June 2014

Bridesmaid Dress Trend- Mismatched Gowns in 6 Ways

Too many girlfriends, too many bridesmaids, it’s hard to choose bridesmaid dresses? Each bridesmaid has different body shape, for one style bridesmaid dress someone wearing pretty while the other one may not ...... Are you still looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress? Look at these matched colors bridesmaid dresses! Let your bridesmaids group become an attractive landscape on your wedding.

1. Pastels colors match
If you want soft and elegant, then this pastels colors bridesmaid dresses is the most suitable for your wedding! These dresses are most suitable to wear in the spring, looking those sweet figure holding hands, right! The same lovely sweetheart neckline bridesmaid dresses in different colors, but the bride maids decide to choose different accessories, like a necklace and high heels. This way, every bridesmaid has their own characteristics. Have you been in love with this dress up?
2 Purple color in different styles
This purple bridesmaid dresses in different styles is most suitable for summer, these dresses always bring you surprise! Have you completely fallen in love with these gorgeous texture bridesmaid dresses? Using the same purple tone, plus different neckline and skirt, these bridesmaid dresses are beautiful. They look like from a fairy tale in general. A very beautiful matched bridesmaid dresses example.

 3 Soft colors bridesmaid dresses
This is the kind of neutral colors which mix and match the composition of natural soft tone, these soft colors bridesmaid dresses looks like a fantasy wonderland feel. Different neutral colors can easily mix fascinated sense of pretty. See how they fluttering in the wind. If you ask me, I would say, so dreamy!
4 Green colors match
What dress up is both elegant and romantic and gorgeous? This green mismatched dress up is in line with all of these characteristics. It achieve this effect, because these colors from the same tone. So, when they match together, just easily be able to reach the effect of attracting the eyes.
5 Mint matched with different fabrics
Want an extremely romantic color mix, possible? Why not consider this beautiful mint mix? It’s suitable for any season, but also it is easy to match! Also, you will really want to know that what’s the feeling of bridesmaids wearing lace and chiffon bridesmaid dresses.
6 Red wrapped lace dresses
Some may say that bridesmaids are distracting wearing red dresses? Now people are advocating personality, fashion, romantic wedding fashion, then there will not be wrong that girlfriends choose festive red bridesmaid dresses one wedding?
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