Monday, 8 June 2015

Floral bridesmaid dresses are full of romantic feelings on the summer wedding party

Floral is always has traditional and romantic atmosphere, with a strong pastoral and pastel shades combine small floral bridesmaid dresses, it is feels like being in the field where were bathed in sunlight romantic. There is nostalgia and classical temperament bride may wish to prepare such a small floral dresses as bridesmaid dresses, so that they will become a beautiful landscape on the summer wedding.
The floral dress completely done using manual embroidered flowers, pour into the designer's work. White gauze skirt with design, the unique three-dimensional embroidered flowers, delicate and perfect, will be as perfect as vogue union, restoring ancient ways show the early summer rural style of having a unique style, fashionable atmosphere, beautiful and romantic.
With perfect stitching round collar, distinctive design feeling, slightly above the clavicle, with a hint of pure and fresh and sexy. Receiving a small of the back of the waist pressure plait highlights the perfect waist, and the design of the bitter fleabane skirt appear romantic and warm. White gauze skirt and design show individual character, the joining together of breaking the dress dry, build perfect temperament of lazy clean with broken beautiful design.
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Thursday, 4 June 2015

How to choose the bridesmaid dresses for the wedding?

Buy bridesmaid dress is the responsibility of every bride, unless she can claim to provide independent, or generally borne by the bride dress repairing items. What shoulder be attention to choose the bridesmaid dresses? Is there have any question to discuss it? Today, we will tell you how to choose the bridesmaid dresses now!

Teach you how to choose bridesmaid dresses

1. Bring together all the bridesmaids.

After all, bridesmaids are now used in almost all the bridesmaids, in the form of a person, it is very difficult to pick up bridesmaid dress which are suitable for bridesmaids quickly, of course, you can put all that to try one by one is better. Only in this way, you can decide the whole set of bridesmaid dresses for everyone.

2. Appointment.

Not everyone is able to call the trip. If you can talk well in advance of the time to try on clothes, and then put an appointment with the store, it is neither let your bridesmaids feel that the time is too hasty, they will not rushed the dress shop and scare the clerk.

3. Prepared.

You and your bridesmaids should find out in advance the type of style you want to discuss. You can send an e-mail to the clerk about the dress photos, and get some initial feedback. Bring your color scheme on the trying day, as well as selected photographs, in order to clearly express what you want to dress in the end.

4. Consider the venue and season.

To choose bridesmaid dresses the most important thing is to consider the site and season to ensure every bridesmaids comfortable level. For example, in the summer beach wedding, you need to prepare relatively thin dress so that you can stay cool and comfortable for your bridesmaids. In the cold winter wedding, you need consider buying a jacket or shawl to your bridesmaids.

5. Disagreement.

If there are differences between the bridesmaids, remember, you are the bride, you have the final say. You want to consider the opinion of most people.
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