Sunday, 29 March 2015

How to choose dresses according to the bridesmaids figure

Bridesmaid is the most eye-catching focus in addition to the bride in the wedding, as the beautiful bride, you should be quitely to choose a perfect dress for your sister, it is very necessary to find a good bridesmaid dress according to the bridesmaids figure.
1 Petite type 

Skirt is too long or too short which will make these girls look more diminutive. So be sure to moderate length skirt to elongated body proportions. Try to avoid any volume of clothing choice, such as the bitter fleabane bitter skirt, large decorations, etc.
Short chiffon purple bridesmaid dresses by Dressesmallau
2 Curve type

Low waist style can convergence wide hips while is highlighting the figure curve at the same time. It should avoid low draw money or any style too revealing.
Light color long bridesmaid dresses for girl
3 Tall type - over 177cm

In contrast with the charming petite body, with a sense of volume clothing can weaken her height. If you want to show your good figure, you can try to choose high collar dress. For example: Boat neck or gem noose tie collar. So tall stature is better to avoid high heel shoes. So it is recommends to wear flat shoes, so it does not much higher than the other sisters.
4 Apple figure 

Elongated neckline (such as large round neck or V-neck), or by increasing the wrinkly waist beaded decoration or adornment to create a slim waist. This is a ideal choice. Try to avoid noose tie collar or shoulder style dress which will expose small defects.
5 Pear figure

Elegant or ball gown long dress can be good to cover large lower body to highlight her slender waist. Like a wrap dress, tight skirt and mermaid skirt those style dresses are stay away from it.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My love style formal dresses for you

I often went to wedding, prom, formal party , so i need to buy various kinds of formal dress to attend the party. In order to find many fashion style formal dresses with cheap price, so i will buy it online. So i will collect all kinds of style of clothes, such as formal style, sexy style, vintage style and so on.

These dresses are all dresses I picked out reflecting my personal style! By no means am I telling you this is what you have to wear, these are just things I found that I like, and would consider wearing if I went to formal dress party. I really enjoy long formal dresses styles, and sweetheart necklines so my ideal dress is long sweetheart dress. My favorite color is blue, purple, yellow, red and green. So, I tried to find dresses like that, and more! If you wanted to go with a longer style, you could check out some places in person, or some of the sites that are mentioned in this post.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Top 5 bridesmaid dresses popular trends for brides in 2015

In western wedding, bridesmaid has become an indispensable scenery. But if you want your wedding more romantic and fashionable, bridesmaids outfits must fashionable and pretty, but it can not shade the bride dazzling light. So it is very upset for brides to choose the dresses for her bridesmaid, today we will recommend 5 popular style bridesmaid dresses for you, maybe you will like it.
1. One shoulder dresses
Black dresses are purely chic, one shoulder give us asymmetrical feelings, the long one shoulder is elegant, it is common style in the wedding.
2. Bright color dresses
I think this has to be the biggest dose of sunshine in any bridal party. They rocked this color!
3. Mismatched Gowns 
Sequins is very popular in young people. his is a must for any girl that suffers from shiny object syndrome.
4. Short style
Long style is not so convenient for bridesmaids to walking, so short style is good choice. The short style looks very cute. It is good choice for petite girls bridesmaids.
5. Pastels
These gorgeous bouquets and equally stunning flowy gowns are making me swoon.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

2014 Viktor & Rolf Marriage wedding dresses

2014 Viktor & Rolf's wedding dresses brand Viktor & Rolf Marriage using simple line and crisp fabric to bring different feelings for people. Let's take a look at this big wedding dresses brand.
Admittedly, this kind of series wedding dresses has strong designs, very suitable for the whims brides. We can expect that this wedding dress will certainly have a place in the 2015 wedding dresses trends.
For Viktor & Rolf, people will always be a super exaggerated impression of the design, but do you think that they would like to use this style in the most grandiose wedding dresses, Viktor & Rolf is also give you a simple answer.
Simple little skirt is fits for summer outdoor wedding, of course, it is also suitable for the bridesmaids.
The high low style is adds fashion sense.
Exaggerated back design, sweet style is also found in the modern design.
Bud style skirt is highlights the bride's collarbone, shoulder and neck.
Those style wedding dresses are so nice, but the price is also very expensive, if you want to find cheap wedding dresses, we can suggest one good online shop for you, see more bridal gowns at