Thursday, 12 March 2015

Top 5 bridesmaid dresses popular trends for brides in 2015

In western wedding, bridesmaid has become an indispensable scenery. But if you want your wedding more romantic and fashionable, bridesmaids outfits must fashionable and pretty, but it can not shade the bride dazzling light. So it is very upset for brides to choose the dresses for her bridesmaid, today we will recommend 5 popular style bridesmaid dresses for you, maybe you will like it.
1. One shoulder dresses
Black dresses are purely chic, one shoulder give us asymmetrical feelings, the long one shoulder is elegant, it is common style in the wedding.
2. Bright color dresses
I think this has to be the biggest dose of sunshine in any bridal party. They rocked this color!
3. Mismatched Gowns 
Sequins is very popular in young people. his is a must for any girl that suffers from shiny object syndrome.
4. Short style
Long style is not so convenient for bridesmaids to walking, so short style is good choice. The short style looks very cute. It is good choice for petite girls bridesmaids.
5. Pastels
These gorgeous bouquets and equally stunning flowy gowns are making me swoon.

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