Sunday, 29 March 2015

How to choose dresses according to the bridesmaids figure

Bridesmaid is the most eye-catching focus in addition to the bride in the wedding, as the beautiful bride, you should be quitely to choose a perfect dress for your sister, it is very necessary to find a good bridesmaid dress according to the bridesmaids figure.
1 Petite type 

Skirt is too long or too short which will make these girls look more diminutive. So be sure to moderate length skirt to elongated body proportions. Try to avoid any volume of clothing choice, such as the bitter fleabane bitter skirt, large decorations, etc.
Short chiffon purple bridesmaid dresses by Dressesmallau
2 Curve type

Low waist style can convergence wide hips while is highlighting the figure curve at the same time. It should avoid low draw money or any style too revealing.
Light color long bridesmaid dresses for girl
3 Tall type - over 177cm

In contrast with the charming petite body, with a sense of volume clothing can weaken her height. If you want to show your good figure, you can try to choose high collar dress. For example: Boat neck or gem noose tie collar. So tall stature is better to avoid high heel shoes. So it is recommends to wear flat shoes, so it does not much higher than the other sisters.
4 Apple figure 

Elongated neckline (such as large round neck or V-neck), or by increasing the wrinkly waist beaded decoration or adornment to create a slim waist. This is a ideal choice. Try to avoid noose tie collar or shoulder style dress which will expose small defects.
5 Pear figure

Elegant or ball gown long dress can be good to cover large lower body to highlight her slender waist. Like a wrap dress, tight skirt and mermaid skirt those style dresses are stay away from it.

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