Monday, 13 October 2014

7 style beautiful wedding dresses in the famous film

"The Great Gatsby"

1920s, shortly after the end of World War I, the nascent United States for the first time with a strong posture to meet the winner of their own era. In this era, it was held a century wedding, we also ushered the first reformed on the wedding in the 1920s. When Buchannan wearing a wedding dress which the inspiration is source of daisy, that we do not find that the wedding dress has to turn over a new look! Simple silhouette, water-based lines with integrate into modern elements, abandoned once cumbersome and complex, made an impression!
"Hunger Games"

Katniss wearing hard transparent gauze layered wedding dress who is holding President Snow's hands affectionately in the film. As everyone knows, Tex Savario design this wedding dress, the integration of the "Fantasy" style, silver flame trees in the upper body which is using thousands of Swarovski rhinestones. Put aside the film itself, it is also let the audience satiety wedding design visual feast!

Paige wearing a pink beaded short wedding dress with flowers, she is cute. This style wedding dress is more suitable for young petite bride. It is also match with a high bun hairstyle layered pink veil with moderate length, which is making the cute conducted in the end!

"Twilight: Breaking Dawn"

Until Bella married Edward, all problems have been handed over to time. Dressed in white silk lace wedding dress, Then you look at me, with their epic romantic wedding, so in tune.

"Bride wars"
"Mamma Mia"

"Sex and the City"

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