Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends

I'm addicted to finding fabulous couture options for my bridesmaids. I've asked four girls to celebrate my big day: My best friend from childhood, my older sister, my future sister-in-law, and my cousin. A few years ago, when I originally chose them, the dress styles were very limited. Sure, there were some nice options, but never any that were full-on stylish.
To make matters even more complicated, they all had their own agenda of what they wanted to wear. The mismatched dress trend hadn't been born yet, and it's the one I'm officially crushing on for my Italian nuptials in 2014. Forget boring taffeta and horrid shades of pea green—the dresses below are incredibly chic!

1. One-Shoulder Dresses

The latest craze is a bridal party with asymmetrical details, and this soft neutral is perfection.
bridesmaid dresses

Black dresses are purely chic, but do try pops of color on your bouquet to make a bold statement.
bridesmaid dresses
If you want a dramatic color but you don’t want to commit to a dark shade, try gunmetal for an elegant option.
bridesmaid dresses
If you are going to pick the same dress style for each girl, do let your girls pick out their own shoe choices to let their personality shine.

Navy is the new black. It’s classic but with a pop of color in the shoes, it’s beyond fabulous!











 2. Bold and Vibrant Hues

I am currently crushing on bold hues, and this stunning shade is sassy.
bridesmaid dresses
Go monochromatic with a plum jewel tone and pair it with a lighter shade of bouquets.
bridesmaid dresses
I think this has to be the biggest dose of sunshine in any bridal party. They rocked this color!
bridesmaid dresses

3. Mismatched Gowns

For a mismatched bridal party, use one color in different hues, like these gorgeous leading ladies.

Words cannot even describe how in love I am with these Marchesa and Carolina Herrera dresses!

This is my favorite of all the looks—classy and downright sassy.
bridesmaid dresses
I love how this bridal party has different shades of neutrals, a pattern, and different necklines.
bridesmaid dresses
Sequins? Oh. My. Word. This is a must for any girl that suffers from shiny object syndrome.











4.Short and Sassy

The sweetest shade of blush on the shortest dresses ever. Could your girls rock this look?

Shades of coral and poppy are so on-trend at the moment, and these girls look amazing.

I can’t figure out what I adore more: Their little gray dresses or their fun, natural poses.

The ultimate proof that your leading ladies’ dresses need their own photo op!
bridesmaid dresses
It doesn’t get any more stylish than well-dressed bridesmaids in skirts with prints.
bridesmaid dresses
5. Pastels These mismatched bridesmaids wearing the sweetest pastel shades epitomize a springtime soirée.
bridesmaid dresses
These gorgeous bouquets and equally stunning flowy gowns are making me swoon.
bridesmaid dresses
Bohemian glam is one of my favorite styles. I am crushing hard on these dresses!
bridesmaid dresses
Tell us: Which dress is your favorite?

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