Friday, 12 September 2014

New bridesmaid dresses color scheme in 2014

The new 2014 bridesmaid dresses are fascinating, and then match with the wedding, it is really very beautiful. Today, we will recommend five kinds of new color for bridesmaid dresses in 2014, as the reference for your wedding.

1 Pink 

Pink is a feminine and appealing color, the bridesmaids were silhouetted against the ground, such as peach. It is very suitable for gorgeous and romantic garden wedding.

2 White

Yes, your bridesmaids can be wear white color! Once considered taboo white bridesmaid dress has gradually become the mainstream of fashion. Do not worry your bridesmaids will overshadow your light, as long as the distinction between the material and length, you will always the leading actor on your wedding.

3 Black

The little black bridesmaid dress is suitable for most skin colors for the women. With black lining drag your white wedding dress, let you shine more brightly in the wedding.

4 Gray

Gray has been incorporated into color scheme for many brides, it has a more relax feeling than black, it will be match with most of colors.

5 Nude color

Elegant nude color has been popular in fashion circle, nude color bridesmaid dress with a pure white bouquet, gentle and elegant.

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