Monday, 22 December 2014

Something blue single items for bridesmaid

The people who is familiar with Western Wedding culture know that "something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue" this ancient tradition, this custom symbolizes blessings and good luck in all directions can be landed in the new body, it is also very simple, but moral good.

One of the "something blue" is reflected in both the embellishment of wedding venues layout, it is also appear in bridesmaid who has become an important element in the shape of the day, it is from the bride closely, they will bring good luck stronger. The blue color is the classic never fade, something blue in seven bridesmaids who reflect, take a look at what is the best choice for you!

Allure Bridals

Wear pink blue in the body, in colorful summer fruit flavour is dye-in-the-wood, relaxed and not too sweet greasy. Flowers neckline is the focus design for the dress skirt which is add cute and charming for the dress.

Touch Ups

The benefit of blue satin material is colorful, it can be demostrated the excellent color fullness in normal sunlight, as the summer sunlight, bright, attractive, some good shoes can make you instantly to life.
Orianne Collins

The blue topaz crystal is shiny, worn in the ear, flashing gestures, we can make this a blue popular.
Fifth Bond Jewelry

The collar glory is from this sapphire necklace, flashing a dazzling luster can instantly attract people attention, it is better for the overall shape brighten points.

Nina Bridal

The crystal necklace elegant chic modelling, connected with ribbon on both ends of the necklace, contact with neck when wearing comfortable, the design is very clever.

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