Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Four kinds of color bridesmaid dresses for young women

Relative to give priority to with white bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses from the choice of design and color is much more abundant. The bridesmaid dresses popular outfit is from delicate pink to mint green, from light candy color to elegant light purple, from brightly short dress to elegant romantic fold dress. Those popular elements make bridesmaid dresses more colorful which is become the most landscape on summer wedding.
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Pink tone

It is represents lovely and romantic, delicate pink is the most popular bridesmaid dress color, of course, it is also the main color for bridesmaid dresses. If you are a pink controller, then you can wear a pink to create a "most explosive Bridesmaid group"! Pink color is also never out of fashion, but also it is represents the bridesmaid to good love yearning.

Green tone

Green gives a fresh and quiet feelings which is very suitable for spring and summer wedding. Especially in the current season, an outdoor lawn wedding, warm sunshine jump between fresh skirt, beautiful and graceful. The sister group can become a beautiful touch of spring!
Candy color

Bright candy color is not only adds more festive and warm atmosphere, and it can complement with bride's wedding dress. Bright bridesmaid dress is also a blessing for new couple, represents joy.
Cool colors

Elegant lilac or light gray, low-key and gorgeous, it is just fit the role of "Best Supporting Actress" bridesmaid at the wedding. Blue bridesmaid dress is very suitable for a romantic summer beach wedding, it is also has a high rate in wedding.

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