Monday, 12 January 2015

The most heaviest and gorgeous wedding dresses for bride in the world

If Elie Saab's wedding dress design is gorgeous enough for you, then  Minnesota artists Gail Be designed by the millions of nail bead dress in addition to use local tyrants to describe, in other words has not been it on the line. It is spent more than three years time to build this gown which is weighed 400 pounds, with a look down at the Angle of the more show its majestic imposing manner, it is amazing.

Minnesota artist Gail Be took more than three years to create this piece 400 pounds (about 180 kg) wedding dress, it is made by more than one million beads. 20.5 feet long tail using a 7-mile line of beads, 500,000 glass beads and more than 400,000 crystals. It is probably the most heaviest wedding dress, right?

The designer specializes in the use of beads and 23 female staff spent a total of 833 days, that is more than two years to finalize the design of this work, she hopes that the wedding dress can appear in the movie, and finally collected by the Museum.

Gail Be's works have a unique design style, it is naturally gained a unique perspective stars love. Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett's jazz album covers in Gail Be design of "Erotic Ice coat."

Gail Be's design "Erotic Ice" T-shirt

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