Sunday, 24 November 2013

Benefit of winter wedding

The end of the year means the beginning of winter, for the wedding industry, it is an off-peak season of a year. New couple maintains that winter is so cold that it will bring some bad effect on the wedding. It is also a test to the bride’s physique, which has no ground for blame if the wedding is held outdoor. But if it is an indoor wedding, the bad effect of low temperature is very little. And the snow and flower, ice and sun, adds a natural romantic and fairy tale to the bride. In a word, there are many benefits you can get from a winter wedding.

1. Various and economical selections
Compared with the peak season, the tagged price of the hotel will usually drop by 10%-20% in November and December, especially the October. If one dinner table can come down 120 dollars, you can save 2400 dollars for a 20 dinner tables wedding. If you are a good planner, you can book a hotel one year ahead, when there are more hotels for you to choose. Thus, you can avoid the embarrassed and tense situation of embracing Buddha's feet and pray for help in time of emergency.
2. Stagger the time and you have more friends attending the wedding
October is a good time for wedding, so people gather holding wedding. When you receive a wedding invitation, you may find that too good friends have their wedding held on the same day. You face an awkward dilemma and do not know whose wedding should go to. At last, you are busier than the bride and groom. Why not try to hold a simple wedding in winter? Thus your friends and relatives can join in your wedding.
3. More holidays in winter adds happiness to your wedding
At the end of the year, Thanks-giving day and Christmas Day follows on the neck of another. In addition, the meaning of the end and the beginning of one year is special. Bride and groom may think it is the end of the single life and the start of a new life. And a succession of festival adds more happiness to the wedding.
4. High- quality of wedding service
You may see the condition of piles of new couples stand in a queue and wait to take wedding dress photos in some large studio. You might worry that the photographers have to take picture for two or more pairs of new couple, which results in decreasing of the quality of the wedding dress photos. You may also worry about the wedding host, wedding designers and flower art are busy. They may be conscientiousness in performing all aspects of their tasks, but everything will not be in order. In the low season, all of them have more affluent time. They can show their talent as much as possible and give you a high-quality and perfect wedding. Besides, you have to pay more for a wedding dress in peak season; no matter you rent one or buy one.

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