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English-style outdoor garden wedding

From the wedding of Prince William to the Olympics opening ceremony, British Culture calls people’s attention once again. Britons love flowers and love garden. So English garden wedding is quite popular. A typical English garden can not be complete without fine bone china, wanton bloom flowers, sweet and delicious cupcake, various shapes Funny pet and so on. Now let’s look at how to create an English-style garden wedding.

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Fine bone china often used in English-style wedding. Bone was first produced in the UK. And it is also favored by the British aristocracy used as sophisticated containers. Its smooth texture and beautiful colors, decorated with live flowers blend, make it ideal for a wedding especially the outdoor garden wedding and refined luxury wedding banquet. So to build a genuine English-style garden wedding, bone china is essential.
Cupcake is highly respected in the United States, but the British people love it, too. They named it as fairy cakes, because they think that the cupcake looks very much like a fairy tale fairy. Before a wedding ceremony, a dessert reception with cupcake and other desserts is very popular. It can not only entertain guests, but also add a lot of luster for the entire garden wedding with its delicate shape and color.
All kinds of exquisite handmade DIY card can add highlights in a garden wedding. If colorful flower decoration creates a static beautiful ceremony, a picture of “eat me” or “help yourself” then adds a lot of dynamic beauty.
Britons are fond of colorful gardens and flowers, so flowers tend to be used as decoration. In the wedding, either bouquet or bouquets are huge. In English garden wedding, the soft color bouquets are preferred. In the wedding, it stresses gradual transition of color, but it also does not exclude a few rich colorful ones as embellishment. However, the overall color tone should be controlled in pastel.

Humorous is one of the factors favored by the British. So children, pets and other natural cute elements are common in the wedding. Garden wedding can be described as a paradise for pets. They often act such an important role as delivering wedding ring and keepsake, adding unlimited fun for the wedding.
For the choice of floral, roses are the most commonly used in English-style garden wedding, but wild carrot flowers, daisies and other flowers are also often included in the scope of floral decoration. The latter can echo the garden, natural wedding theme. In English-style garden wedding, people are very serious about plate decorated flowers. Rose, peony is particularly classic dishes decorated flowers.
In the process to create garden theme, lovely mushrooms, butterflies are also common decoration material, matching with garden, outdoor overall style.
Now let’s have a look at the garden wedding dresses. Garden wedding dress should be in harmony with the garden environment. The mini dress or the dress with casual sense is the best choice.

A-line wedding dress can be coupled with hanging type bouquets, and fishtail dress with horizontal molding type bouquet, etc. You can choose the wedding dress decorated with a butterfly bow. Also, the lace or chiffon dress is most suitable for garden wedding.
The summer is the wedding season. People married in this season have lots of choices to design your wedding theme. Anyway, let us bless those coming into the wedding hall of the new people!

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