Friday, 30 August 2013

Bridesmaids won't steal the spotlight of brides

Participate in Sisterhood’s wedding is a big thing. As bridesmaid you should be polite and thoughtful to set off the bride but not totally disgraced brilliance. Maybe you look forward to reproduce the movie plot, getting her bouquet at the wedding and encounter prince. Here, the recommendations may give you some inspiration.

The dress of the bridesmaid
Bride usually wears white wedding dress with veil and shining jewelry. As bridesmaids, the most intimate personal people, you should be natural and able to sense this: the bride wants their bridesmaids around are beautiful and add luster to their own, but they definitely do not want to become a supporting role on her wedding day. 
This makes it a little difficult on the choice of dress. Looking at the U.S. trademark weddings, the bridesmaid dresses are often not more than the color below: pale pink, nude color, purple color. These are calm and elegant color tunes. The reason on the one hand is the low purity of these colors, making it not too conspicuous in the crowd. On the other hand, it makes the bridesmaid not be quirks and well match with bridal white silk. The style is usually dominated by the knee skirts, formal and not too sexy.  And compared with the bride’s luxury wedding dress, it will be not too eye-catching. But it can set off the bridesmaid’s confidence and elegance at the same time. You will win the same praise.
If the bride has selected a series of dresses for the bridesmaid, the sisters can worry-free. You will not be deemed to worry about the selection affect feelings. With a pair of decent and elegant high heels, or a delicate little necklace is enough to match your dresses.

Behavior of the bridesmaid
Do not think that bridesmaids need only carry the handbag and make up for bridal at any time. Or at most, you two whisper a secret and talk about the boudoir things. Bridesmaids need to be smooth and slick. There is an important task for bridesmaids that they must be respond groomsmen group witty when waiting for the ceremony. Then the bridesmaids also play an important role in the ceremony toast in protecting the bride and stopping wine is a great responsibility.
The Western-style wedding demands for even more stringent etiquette. Bridesmaid, being graceful, observes the bride’s dress, if there is a need, you should adjust immediately. The wedding process must be learned by your heart. When bridal is too excited and panic, you need to remind her precautions of the dressing up and playing games. The bridesmaid is a veritable “housekeeper.”
And when speaking, you should always be polite and modesty, because as the bridesmaids, your image and temperament will affect impression of the bride or even this couple in relatives’ hearts. A good positive image not only add luster for the sisters, but also is noticed by an individuals in a corner. Maybe it is the beginning of a beautiful romance.

TIPS for the bridesmaids:
One, the makeup is simple and generous, not to charming beautiful.
Two, try to talk with the bride elegantly. Minimize the whispers during wedding ceremony process, keeping a serious venue.
Three, before the wedding, communicate with groomsmen groups to understand the specific wedding process, avoid scene problems.
Four, the last but not the least, you should try to keep about one meter’s distance with the bride and be ready to help solve temporary problems.

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