Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Our DIY EBay Wedding

As a frugal mum/crafter to start with this was never going to be a fancy cookie cutter wedding.

In all honesty I never wanted chair covers or all those silly little other things you see at so many weddings.

I wanted something different.

So finding the right venue was HARD!!

We went EVERYWHERE in our area, finally ended up at our local pub sulking saying 'we're never going to find anything that fits us!' Little did I realize our local pub that we just LOVE to eat at was going to be the perfect location!

The George IV pub.

It's a little old sandstone 1800's sandstone, cobblestone, motorbike pub that has the most charming rustic, vintage hall out the back that is just the perfect setting for our rustic country vintage wedding!!! All with our very own private courtyard, that I can't wait to decorate!  And the food is just to die for! It's amazing!! (And I'm still trying to convince Steve that we can totally add a platter of Joes fantabulous chicken snitzel burgers to our wedding menu lol)

Done! First thing organized and booked!

Been so busy organizing, making, booking and ordering I've been forgetting to share!!

I've made so many different things (mostly inspired by Pinterest and google) so I've decided to do separate posts for each thing.

I've made all our table decorations myself, our invitations, the table clothes, the signs, our bridal table skirting, the bridal table back drop, the chair sashes, the candle holders and a few more things as well which I'm sure I'll forget to include.

As we go along I'll include the original idea or original Pinterest post so you can see where I took my inspiration from and see what I came up with as well :)

The next thing to get done was to order my wedding dress!!

HELLO EBay!! I found this cute little store based out of China that will make the dress of your dreams from a picture exactly to your measurements. Perfect!!

6 weeks and $150 later I had my dress!!

A much better price that what I could get here in Australia. The bridal shops were quoting me $2500, and I just couldn't justify to myself spending more on my wedding dress than I did for my car!

Sorry you don't get to see pics of that until after the wedding! Haha

Next was the bridesmaids. We went out shopping to find what sort of style was going to suit all my girls and was quoted $350-$400 for the dresses I picked. NO sorry!! Lol

We got online and found a store called www.dressesmallau.com got the dresses from there! $140 made to measure plus $25 postage. PERFECT! Only slight alterations are needed and they are good to go!

Here's my daughter Julia in hers lol

Absolutely perfect!

Ok that will do for now! Need to get the kids ready for school!

Happy scrapping!

Love Renee


See more details at http://captureit-renee.blogspot.com/2013/08/our-diy-ebay-wedding.html

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