Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bridesmaid dresses, can i buy it for my girls?

To purchase bridesmaid dress is almost always becomes a focal point in the process of wedding planning. The bridesmaid dresses can be costly. And while let your bridesmaids choose the fashionable shape and fabric of her dress. The bride is always responsible for the wardrobe of the bridesmaids. The dress you like is too expensive for some bridesmaid or styles they want does not match your vision. There is always a compromise. But do you want to buy generous dresses for your girls? Our experts weigh label on this sweet gesture.

Dresses in the image are available on!
My marriage will be take place soon. And three of my closest friends will be as the bridesmaids. Two of my friends are wealthy, while it is not. I would buy the bridesmaid dresses for them, but is it inappropriate? 

Of course, it is not useless! You know the financial situations of the bridesmaids. If you are able and want to buy all the dresses (instead of buy the dress for one that can not afford it), it's a very nice gesture. But do not forget that you can buy the dress with cheap price online:

Make sure when you're pull out your credit card, let them know that this is a gift rather than saying something like "I have". On a more cynical point of view, so if you buy the dress as a gift, you should choose the right style for them. You need to consider their feelings, and we're sure that they'll be very grateful for your generosity.

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