Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The friendship between bride and her bridesmaid group

There is a group of people who accompany with you through the young, accompany with you spend the most beautiful life time. They are laughing and crying along with you, full of hope for the future together and another is full of yearning. They are agreed well with you, who will get married first, others must be together to be a bridesmaid. Finally, the day is coming, they were moved no less than you. Let the time frames, record the most deepest feelings. In the face of people who are accompany with you to crazy, you finally have the chance to say that it is the most beautiful group.

who can so laid back with you?
Grovel at your "good graces", in addition to your husband(and us)
If you want to be bride for other, let us indulge it again.
When your white gauze drag ground, my skirt to match with you, yes or not?

Your are my strong backing and a safe haven in my life time

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