Tuesday, 17 November 2015

How to have good looks at your perfect prom night?

When it comes to your prom night the last thing you want to do is be bogged down with zillions of accessories. For your prom, you can easily go shopping, look glamorous, and not go over Board. There are thousands of possible combinations of accessories that you can try, and successfully use to accentuate your appearance, continue to be glued to your amazing fashion sense.
There is a general rule-of-thumb when expect accessories to make (no break) an outfit; use up to four different accessories with an outfit, not more than four. Four are sharp, clean code, and you can easily carry four accessories without look like Mimi B from the Drew Carey show. Use the Rule-of-four, you can mix and match from thousands of ideas to create a unique and trendy look. Accessories can range from earrings to scarves. You choose what works best with the outfit you are sporting. The best idea is to focus your accessories attention in those places where your dress/costume leaves an open site, uncovered.
Let's say for example you have a low-cut, v-neck dress design you are planning to wear. This gives you more reason to focus on an exquisite necklace, metallic scarf, etc. Or maybe you plan to up-make your braids; This is the time to focus on earrings to pay attention to the open space around the shoulders or try a shimmery headband, tiara, or Crystal hard accents to bring attention to the up-do. You are supposed to find holes in the fashion system and fill them with your own glam-style.
You need to look at your body, your prom formal dresses, as your canvas and you have to learn how to fill in the empty spaces with accessories. Accessories can be something that accents your main outfit. Earrings in all shapes and sizes; faux eyelashes with diamantspetsar; scarves and shawls of various sizes and colours; chains with pearls or diamonds; the armbands of antiqued metal; fashion bracelets from A-Z; belts to show off our numbers; and last but not least, the infamous shoe, with colors for good and never ending opportunities.
Dressesmall Sexy Crystal Halter Chiffon A line Evening Dress
Formal blue prom dresses
The thousands of options and styles give way to endless possibilities with your prom dress. Use the shapes and patterns of your dress to create style and ideas for your accessories. You will not be let down if you use your open canvas, your body and your dress design, paint-on the accessories that will bring out and show up, the Goddess that you are.

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